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I’m Still Here

June 22, 2007

First, I’m still here. We’re now not only in S’port, but pretty well unpacked and settled. So why is this the first post since Monday? Like I said, I hate phone companies and I hate cable companies.

We gave up on using the cable for internet access when Comcast told us we could not get service in our area. That in spite of the fact that we are in the middle of the city and THERE IS A CABLE BOX ON THE POLE OUTSIDE MY HOUSE WITH WIRES RUNNING TO THE HOUSE. Comcastic my a**. Anyway, we won’t even get cable tv until Monday, a full ten days after moving into the house and about three weeks after we first called them.

As for the phone, they were supposed to hook us up yesterday, but someone, somewhere – not us – cancelled our order. After much arguing, we managed to get the phones going, but the internet tubes won’t flow until next Thursday. Grhhh.

Time was, being without access to the interwebs might not have bugged me too much. O.K., so I have to check the box scores in the paper, no big deal. But things are different when you’re a blogging addict. The other problem is school related. To be certified to teach, I had to enroll in an 18 hour program at LSUS (like UAB, but LSU and Shreveport, and no sports teams). My classes this summer are 100% on-line. In short, I’m spending way too much time and money at the local coffee shop.

The moral to the story is that though I have lots of stuff I want to say, posts will be infrequent until late next week.

In the meanwhile, here’s some pictures from the move and of the babies.

Merton, making sure we don’t “forget” him:

Scratchy helped, too:

Allie and I in the truck:

The fleet ready to roll:

Saying goodbye to our house:

Now for the kids.

“Hey dad, are you posting about us?”

Saw this quote on father’s day:

Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition; but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express.

Lots of stereotypes in there, but . . .

Here she is modelling a more casual hat:

And with her puppy:

Her brother’s allright, too. Here’s Malcolm standing up:

And Malcolm falling over:

Malcolm and Moby, my step-sister’s basset hound puppy:

And finally, brother and sister in their Memorial Day outfits:



June 7, 2007

Got back from S’port last night. Here’s some pics of our new town.

Here’s the house we’ll be renting for the next six months or so. Small? Yes. But we’ll only be there a little while. And the location is excellent, being not only in a great neighborhood but also next door to my step-sister; i.e. right next door to free baby sitting.

The Cathedral of St. John Birchmans, where we’ll go to church, by foot if we want, as it’s a sidewalked mile from the house.

This is St. Joseph Catholic Church. We’re going to buy a house in the neighborhood where this church is located, so eventually it will be where we attend mass. They’re doing some serious renovations, which is good, it needed it. We went once prior to the project, and while the exterior looked promising, the inside was just aweful: Sheetrock and a dropped tile ceiling. Hopefully the remodel will result in something more inspiring.

S’port’s version of the Alabama Theatre, the Strand.

Jenny’s from Tupelo, so it’s only fitting that we live near where the King got his start, S’port’s Municipal Auditorium, home of the Louisiana Hayride:

On the riverfront pavilion, looking towards the Texas Street bridge and the casinos:

Further down the river, on the Stoner Avenue MTB trails:

B’ham’s got the Boobie Trap, but S’port’s got . . .

This is Cross lake, which borders the city. I’m not big on watersports. Fishing is fun, though, and I’ve got a nice 35 mile bike ride that goes around the lake. So having such a huge lake five minutes from the house is pretty nice:

Another shot.

And another.

Don’t fret, I’m still going to put up more kid pics and also announce the contest winner soon.


May 26, 2007

The usual: bike ride; kids; contest.

Fifty miles today, going through North B’ham to Brookside and then back to town through Graysville, Adamsville, and, eventually, Ensley.

Corridor X, aka the future I-22, up around Graysville:

FBC, Mulga:

Speaks for itself:

Bayview Lake:

Tuxedo junction:

Fittingly, right around the corner:

Now for the children.

“Sure wish someone would feed me.”

“Me too.”

Omi all ready for church:

And for the pool:

And another:

What a ham:

Finally, the contest. Duke is the winner for the last one: Penny, the billboard for the Birmingham Hide & Tallow Company. She’s right across the First Avenue North (US 11) viaduct from Sloss. Here’s a couple of other pics, to give you some perspective.

Looking west, towards downtown:

And looking east:

Now the new contest, a real blast from the past:

As always, e-mail your guesses to


May 20, 2007

Mostly random shots of the kids. The last one is the new contest.

I didn’t get many pics of Do Dah Day, but here’s one of Caldwell Park.

Here we are, waiting for the parade.

I work right around the corner from the other Do Dah Day park – Rhodes Park (aka the dog park) – so during the week we’ll often meet there for lunch.

Omi’s not sure about her first attempt at big people food.

Malcolm, on the other hand . . .

“Mo-omm, tell him to let my pacifier go!”

Not five seconds after I took this one, he went into a complete meltdown.

Omi liked the swings, too.

For Mom, this is time off.

Finally, the new contest. Dystopos and Barry both go the last one: Carver High School. This week’s is the all time easiest contest picture ever, probably too easy. But I wanted a Do Dah Day theme. So e-mail me if you can name this dog:


May 10, 2007

Meant to put these up earlier in the week, but here’s some pics from last weekend’s trip to Chattanooga.

Mom and the babies in front of the Tennessee River.


Dad, before the big ride.

Dad, after the big ride.

A shot from the world’s longest pedestrian bridge, looking over Coolidge park:

From the same spot, looking in the other direction, with Lookout Mountain in the background:

The aquarium.

These next shots are from the Magic City Art Connection.

Mom and Malcom.

Dad and Omi.

Finally, the best part of any festival – funnel cake.