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May 26, 2007

The usual: bike ride; kids; contest.

Fifty miles today, going through North B’ham to Brookside and then back to town through Graysville, Adamsville, and, eventually, Ensley.

Corridor X, aka the future I-22, up around Graysville:

FBC, Mulga:

Speaks for itself:

Bayview Lake:

Tuxedo junction:

Fittingly, right around the corner:

Now for the children.

“Sure wish someone would feed me.”

“Me too.”

Omi all ready for church:

And for the pool:

And another:

What a ham:

Finally, the contest. Duke is the winner for the last one: Penny, the billboard for the Birmingham Hide & Tallow Company. She’s right across the First Avenue North (US 11) viaduct from Sloss. Here’s a couple of other pics, to give you some perspective.

Looking west, towards downtown:

And looking east:

Now the new contest, a real blast from the past:

As always, e-mail your guesses to



May 20, 2007

Mostly random shots of the kids. The last one is the new contest.

I didn’t get many pics of Do Dah Day, but here’s one of Caldwell Park.

Here we are, waiting for the parade.

I work right around the corner from the other Do Dah Day park – Rhodes Park (aka the dog park) – so during the week we’ll often meet there for lunch.

Omi’s not sure about her first attempt at big people food.

Malcolm, on the other hand . . .

“Mo-omm, tell him to let my pacifier go!”

Not five seconds after I took this one, he went into a complete meltdown.

Omi liked the swings, too.

For Mom, this is time off.

Finally, the new contest. Dystopos and Barry both go the last one: Carver High School. This week’s is the all time easiest contest picture ever, probably too easy. But I wanted a Do Dah Day theme. So e-mail me if you can name this dog:


April 28, 2007

From today’s bike ride; of the babies; and for the new contest.

Alabama the beautiful.

Uhmm, O.K.

Looking south over Sloss towards downtown.

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Brookside. So far as I know, the only onion dome in Jefferson County, maybe even in all Alabama.

Another view.

The ball fields in Brookside.

Five Mile Creek Canoe & Company.

The launch into Five Mile Creek.

Directions for the creek.

When I was in college, I  worked at a sporting goods store that outfitted just about every local baseball and softball team. For every team that was made of males over thirteen, there would always be one guy who, when asked what number he wanted, would reply “Heh, heh, 69 man.” I don’t think the same idea was behind the choice of this number:

Now some baby pics.

“Look, we’ve got feet!”

Mom and Malcolm snoozin.

Dad too.

Happy Omi.

Finally, the contest. We had multiple winners of the last one: The patio at Joe Muggs in English Village. The new one is much more challenging. In fact, I’m going to use two pictures. The first is the actual contest; the second is a clue.

If you looked south out of that window, this is what you’d see.

E-mail me your guesses.


April 8, 2007

Babies; scenes from today’s walk over the mountain to the Botanical Gardens; and the new contest.

The first three are from the gardens.

In the Japanese section.

What kind of flowers grow under your nose?

Just thought this was cool.

O.K., this isn’t from the gardens, but my adirondack chair makes me happy. And my azaleas? Even more so.

Now for the babies.

Beauty and the beast.

His mom must have eaten a bunch of soy while she was pregnant with him, because my son has some serious man-boobs.

Where’s Malcolm?

If you look real close, you can see the pool of slobber he left on the bed.

Now the contest. Kathy was the first person to get the last one, just beating out Bill Taylor: Independent Presbyterian Church on Highland Ave. For this week’s, you have to tell me where we were sitting when I took this shot:


March 25, 2007

The first two are from my ride yestderday. The next three are the babies, and the last one is the newest contest picture.

Small town living.

I wanted to caption this one with something like “why landscaping is best left to professionals.” But I actually think this is kind of cool.

All he needs is some lures in his hat.

The best part about being a baby: If you get too hot, you can just take it all off.

“Hey, loser, how about you drop the camera and lend a hand?”

And finally, the new contest. Loretta Nall got the last one: the covered bridge in Waldo. True or not, I do not know, but I’ve heard that it is the oldest of Alabama’s covered bridges. It certainly looks old. Anyway, here’s the new one; e-mail me your guesses.


February 26, 2007

These are from our camping trip to the Talladega National Forrest. The last one is the new contest. As for the last contest, no-one got it, but it’s the dam on Lake Tranquility at Oak Mt. St. Park.

Happy trails, specifically, heading south on the Cave Creek trail though a tunnel of Mountain Laurel (or Rhododendrons, not sure which):

Pretty views, looking North from the Pinhoti trail towards Cheaha State Park :

This is on McDill Point. I try not to think about how it got there; I just acknowledge it and keep walking:

“Uhh, Dad, you’re not gonna eat that whole sandwich by yourself, are you?”

Our accommodations on Saturday night, the Blue Mountain Shelter, along the Pinhoti, a couple of miles north of the state park:

Towards the end of the trip, my dogs were tired:

Finally, the new contest picture. It’s not in B’ham, or even JeffCo, but the rest of these pics ought to give you an idea where it is. E-mail your guesses to


February 18, 2007

Everyone deals with the cold in their own way:

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They may look goofy, but they’ll be roasty-toasty for our walk:

Dad with his future marathoner after the big race:

Mom being out of town, Dad has to cook for himself. Last night, it was shrimp fettuccine alfredo. I sauteed the shrimp with garlic and oil, then mixed that with the sauce, poured it over the noodles and topped it off with parmesan, feta and mozzarella. I thought it was great. And I wasn’t the only one:

Omi has already picked up some of her Dad’s bad habits (if you don’t get it, focus on the hand):

And finally, this week’s contest picture. If you think you know where this is, e-mail me your guess: