I’m Working On The New Blog

I hope to get it finished sometime early next week. Probably won’t be much posting at all until then. Two reasons.

One, living in Louisiana and posting on the Alablawg makes me feel like one of those couples who still hang out even after they break up. Or like one of these Evander Holyfield “now I’m retired, now I’m not” types. Come on folks, it’s over, move on.

Two, we’re about to pack up the van for a three day drive to points Northeast, where we’ll spend a week or so before trekking back here. The stated purpose is a wedding, but the real reason is so I can pick up a tandem that my uncle is giving me. I’m really stoked (ha ha, get it?) about the whole thing, but the traveling makes posting tough.

Btw, and on the topic of long trips, why has no one thought of something like “Child Care Airlines?” Set apart on the plane is a room for kids under, oh, like four or so. In the room are professional attendants, toys, cribs, all that stuff. You buy spots in there just like tickets and then check your kids into it when you board the plane. Speaking as the parent of eight month old twins, I know I would probably be willing to pay double the price of a normal ticket for a ticket on that airline. And for kidless people, how much would you pay for a guarantee that all screaming kids would be locked in a sound proof room during the flight? Surely the amount is enough to make up for the costs of the extra space and employees. This is winner all the way around, I think.

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One Comment on “I’m Working On The New Blog”

  1. […] absent from blogging for the last two weeks or so because we were out of town. Like I said in the second to last post on the Alablawg, it was mostly for a wedding, but we got to do lots of other stuff, and, best of all (o.k., not […]

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