The Sun! A Ride! A Great Morning!

Maybe because Louisianans pray too much (or sin too much), we have had nothing but rain since we moved to S’port, culminating in record amounts yesterday. Whatever may be the relationship between God and the weather, I was sure thankful when I woke up this morning and saw the sun rising. Really, I completely understand why suicide rates go up in rainy areas. The last week really drove me nuts. So the clear skies and green-free radar had me almost more excited than my new Saturday morning routine.

And the ride was just as nice as the weather. I stayed with the faster group this week. Not THE fast group, as those guys were doing time trials to coincide with the prologue of the Tour de France (which started this morning), but fast enough. We did 40 miles at twenty mph. Fun stuff.

Better yet I met a couple of local teachers, so I got to talk shop with them. Even cooler, they live near me, and often ride from the neighborhood. We exchanged e-mails, so I’m sure we’ll be riding together soon, maybe even some mornings this week. That’s great for two reasons. One, they seemed like cool guys and they appeared to be about the same level riders as me. Hence, ideal riding buddies. Two, I have this pet peeve about driving my car in order to ride my bike. Thus, I’m thrilled to discover the safe bike routes through town and out into cycling country.

As if the ride wasn’t good enough, I got home in time to catch the prologue to the tour. It’s an individual time trial of 8 kilometers. Fabian Cancellara, a time trial specialist, won it with a time of 8 minutes 50 seconds. That’s an average of about 33 mph. About more 2 miles an hour more than my top speed this morning, which I held for about fifteen seconds. Amazing.

Anyway, great day thus far.

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