I Haven’t Quit Yet

We’ve moved: Packed up Thursday, drove Friday, unloaded Saturday.

A few quick points:

1) I hate phone companies. Weeks prior to the move, we started trying to get service, yet it will be Thursday before we have a phone or internets. (Hence, spare posting until then).

2) I hate cable companies. Not only do we not have service yet, but they told us it was not even available in our area. WTF? We’re in the middle of the city. My neighbor has cable. That’s not even an across the street neighbor; I could spit from my window and hit their house. Yet we can’t get service? DirecTV, anyone?

3) My neighbor is my step-sister and her partner. We grilled out at my house on Sunday, and then did the same at their house in Monday. Stuff like that is pretty much why I moved.

4) For anyone who wants a more detailed explanation of my decision to chuck my career and move to another state, it’s forthcoming. But I’ve about reached the point where I respond to questions about the move with a simple “because it’s what I felt like doing.” Trust me, there is no issue about the move that I have not already considered in fifty different ways. We decided this was best, and you know what? We’re the humans who are best equipped to make that decision.

That’s not to say that it will all work out well. We could end up miserable and forever regretting the decision. But that won’t be because we made a bad choice given all that we knew at the time of the decision. It will be because of some unpredictable change in circumstances. We did what we thought best, but you never know how things will work out.

5) Jenny and I went for a ride this morning. That’s remarkable for two reasons. One, it’s the first time we’ve been able to ride together since about eight months before the babies were born. Two, it was twenty miles with 300 feet of total elevation gain. By way of comparison, I had a ride from Crestwood over to Vestavia and back that gained 2,100 feet in twenty miles.

6) Coolest thing to hit S’port since I left it seven years ago? KCSL 91.3 FM:

Welcome to the homepage of Centenary College’s student programmed and operated radio station. We see it as our job to provide the community access to music and programming that can’t be heard anywhere else, including local music, new artists, and national artists who haven’t quite gotten their chance in the spotlight yet, all within various genres of music from Rock to Hip-Hop to World and everything in between.

I’m serious, when we were debating the move, one of the major cons to S’port was that it is a complete musical wasteland. Other than Reg – and that’s only four hours a week – B’ham radio blows (as it does in every city, thanks to Satan) but at least Birmingham will get decent live shows. You don’t even get that here. No kidding, the local rock station (i.e. Clear Channel-Rock-Shreveport; think B’ham’s 99.5) is all excited that Cheap Trick is coming to one of the casinos. Cheap Trick! At least City Stages managed to get has been stars. Here, we get never were’s. So having a local station play good music is wonderful.

7) I think I’m going to keep blogging. So, though I plan on finishing my Goodbye series, it’ll be more of a goodbye to the “Ala” and the “blawg” than to blogging in general.

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7 Comments on “I Haven’t Quit Yet”

  1. Dan Says:

    What’s wrong with Cheap Trick? Well, I guess if that’s the best thing to come to S’Port, then I see the problem.

    If nothing else, I hope you do some form of blogging. I’m thinking I might want to eventually leave the engineering world and teach. It’d be nice to have you as a guinea pig.

  2. Kathy Says:

    RE: the bike ride, we were at the beach last week, and I walked and biked almost everywhere — something that’s impossible in my little corner of B’ham. I’m envious.

    I hope you’ll keep blogging. You’re a wonderful writer, and I want to hear about the teaching position. You should have some great stories.

  3. […] and his family have made the move to Shreveport, but the Alablawg lives on.  For now.  Wheeler’s one of my favorite writers, and I hope […]

  4. Frank Says:

    I hope you will continue the blog, even if you have left B’ham which was my initial attraction to it. Now I want to hear more stories about the kids and what it is like to return home — who knows? You may inspire me to make a similar choice and head back to Birmingham.

    As for anyonw asking why, well, that is your business. No one can make that decision for you and I respect the hell out of you for making it. If you decide at some point you may want to prctice law you can always take the Louisiana bar exam. For now, though, time with those kids has to be a priority; they will never be this age again. Enjoy them.

  5. JPW Says:

    Huzzah to the continued blogging!!!

  6. mooncat Says:

    I remember everything on I-20 west of Vicksburg and east of Dallas being just the definition of pretty damned flat.

    You need to keep blogging. Even if it’s not about Alabama, I know Louisiana needs good bloggers. Some of the locals hang out at The Daily Kingfish.

  7. Mark Says:

    Yeah, try Directv. The picture is actually better than cable, at least in my home town.

    And, yeah, keep blogging. I want to know what happens next.

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