Goodbye, Part II: Closing Shop

My office is empty, I’ve deleted all trace of myself from the computer, and I just sent my last e-mail to my co-workers.

Feels weird. Of course I’ll miss the folks I worked with. But part of me is saying that the years (and money) I spent on law school, and the time I’ve spent since then working on my career, are now wasted.

I don’t know, though. Those are sunk costs; I can’t let them determine how I’m going to live in the future. And right now, the future as a teacher in Louisiana looks a lot better than the future as a lawyer in Alabama. I had my chance to really commit to practicing law here, and I couldn’t do it. Don’t know if the problem was Alabama or the law, but whatever it was, I just could not see myself here five years from now.

I know, the scientific way to decide the cause of my malaise would have been to either change locations or careers, but not both at once. You can only test one variable at a time. Life isn’t a laboratory, though. The double-whammy was my best option.

How will it work out? I don’t know, but I feel really good right now.

(BTW, I’ll be out of town until next Tuesday or Wednesday. Light – or no – posting until then is because of my absence, not because the blog is done. I’ve still got a few more posts to go.)

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4 Comments on “Goodbye, Part II: Closing Shop”

  1. mom Says:

    Your experience (and money) were not wasted. You’ve gained wisdom from knowledge in recognizing where you want to invest your time and energy. I know you will be a wonderful teacher – which will give you the opportunity (and hopefully some leftover energy) to be with your babies and watch them grow. They are little for such a short time and once that time is gone you don’t get it back. Learn from where you have been and don’t look in the rearview mirror (that will only make you crash)- drive forward with those babies & Jenny and enjoy the trip.

  2. mom Says:

    ok – that didn’t quite make sense. It’s mom advice – we don’t have to make sense. What I meant to say was don’t drive forward ONLY looking in the rearview mirror (that will make you crash)……

  3. Best wishes for the change. I left my solo practice after eight years and started back teaching. I was with 8th graders first and then in a high school. No Child Left Behind will perhaps be modified yet I expect you’ll still be frustrated with the legislation since I know your a perceptive and sensible soul. NCLB and several other factors let me choose yet another path but I still believe teaching is such an honorable profession, even if much of society doesn’t appreciate our role.

    Being a good teacher takes serious “people skills” and hard work. You’ll find the work challenging and face new frustrations that I hope you’ll consider blogging about. I started posting I suppose mainly out of a need to release burdens that were building up and also out of a belief that the average American is incredibly unaware. You’ll be trying to teach their children of course. I used to tell my team of teachers that a classroom teacher was dealing with the years at home with often crazy parents or caregivers, the junk they watched on TV, past teachers, the system, society, etc. yet the only thing they should worry about was what went on in their own little cement block room. I expect you’ll make the most of your own space.

    I agree with Mom and in fact go further in that nothing you’ve learned or done is really ever wasted. I expect you’ll make a superb teacher. Those kids will be lucky to have you. Care about them and cut them some slack for being raised in our culture that truly does not celebrate learning and thought. Modeling how a learned gentleman conducts his affairs is perhaps as good as you can do to serve them. Do the best you can for your students but be sure to save plenty of time and energy for your own family. Again, best wishes!

  4. draftsonyou Says:

    Wasted? Yea, probably so. But not ’cause you’re quitting to go teach…Because you went to law school in the first place instead of spending that time training for Le Tour and sleeping on the ground at dirty rest stops. Just think… you could’ve been something GREAT! Now you’re just a dude with an education, conscience, and awesome family. Oh well, there’s always politics.

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