The usual: bike ride; kids; contest.

Fifty miles today, going through North B’ham to Brookside and then back to town through Graysville, Adamsville, and, eventually, Ensley.

Corridor X, aka the future I-22, up around Graysville:

FBC, Mulga:

Speaks for itself:

Bayview Lake:

Tuxedo junction:

Fittingly, right around the corner:

Now for the children.

“Sure wish someone would feed me.”

“Me too.”

Omi all ready for church:

And for the pool:

And another:

What a ham:

Finally, the contest. Duke is the winner for the last one: Penny, the billboard for the Birmingham Hide & Tallow Company. She’s right across the First Avenue North (US 11) viaduct from Sloss. Here’s a couple of other pics, to give you some perspective.

Looking west, towards downtown:

And looking east:

Now the new contest, a real blast from the past:

As always, e-mail your guesses to

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6 Comments on “Pictures”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That close-up of Naomi is just precious. Both of the babies look like little dolls. Very happy little dolls.

  2. Del Says:

    Yes. Easily the world’s cutest babies.

  3. kc Says:

    Man, you went all the way to Mulga and didn’t see the famous “Phyllis from Mulga”?

  4. wayne Says:

    Whwn I was in college, I worked security for a concert at the Tuxedo Junction ballroom. It was a great place. You could feel the history.

  5. draftsonyou Says:

    Isn’t that the old USX mill? If I remember correctly, it’s off to the West side of 269 (about Ensley), but you must’ve been on the other side. Maybe on the Mulga Loop or perhaps in Pleasant Grove to get that angle. I wish I could come up and do that ride with you before you leave.

  6. […] final note, though, I forgot to announce the winners of the final picture contest. Susan and Barry both got it right: The remnants of US Steel’s Ensley Works. (This guy has […]

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