Why I Like Bob Riley

How do you suppose Fob James, or if he’d succeeded in last year’s guber election, Roy Moore, would have handled this?

The Legislature adopted a resolution Thursday apologizing for Alabama’s role in slavery but restricting the use of the resolution in any lawsuits. . . .

Immediately after the votes in the House and Senate, Gov. Bob Riley’s spokesman, Jeff Emerson, said the Republican governor would keep a commitment he made earlier to sign the resolution as soon as he receives it.

I’ve already said I think the resolution is a good idea, and that any legislator who objected on reparations ground is either ignorant or putting forth a pretext. But the reason I like Riley is that even if he’d decided not to sign the thing, I think he would have refused in a dignified and reasonable manner.  

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3 Comments on “Why I Like Bob Riley”

  1. Anker Says:

    You like Bob Riley FOR THAT? I can think of many liberal and govern-mentally expansive reasons that any liberal would LOVE Bob Riley. I can think of only a couple that a true conservative would stand with him on.

    The slavery “apology” means nothing. It literally means nothing in 2007 which is about all the legislature has accomplished this year as well. It reflects badly on a “head of state” to sign off on a resolution passed by a DO NOTHING legislature that will have ZERO effect on the citizens of this state except to alienate about half of them. That illustrates Billion Dollar Bob’s administration very well.

  2. mooncat Says:

    Riley is a likeable guy and he does have a certain amount of class. That is part of the “character” thing that pundits talk about and voters seem to gauge by intuition as much as reason.

  3. wheeler Says:

    i’ll never find a candidate for any office with whom i agree on every issue. so, when all else is equal – as is often the case in a two party system – the embarrasment factor plays a big role in my decisions. in other words, the more a candidate behaves like a fob james, roy moore, or troy king, the less likely i am to vote for them. on the other hand, i am much more likely to trust politicians who act like reasonable adults, even if i don’t like all their positions. e.g. riley or artur davis.

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