O.K., So No-One’s Perfect

Just after lionizing Artur Davis, I read this:

Do they [four of Alabama’s Republican congressional representatives] think its OK to charge “unconscionable” prices for gas?  We have all seen it happen in a crisis of some sort.  It happened after Katrina, even up to north Alabama.  Gas prices went through the roof overnight.

The Federal Price Gouging Protection Act passed the House of Representatives on a vote of 284 to 141.  The bill bans sellers from charging prices that are “unconscionably excessive,” or take “unfair advantage” of consumers. 

The bill would give the FTC “the explicit authority to investigate and punish those who artificially inflate the price of energy,” and require offenders to pay triple damages or up to $3 million for charging “unconscionable prices.”Some Republicans said the bill sets vague definitions of what price would qualify as “unconscionable” and would be tough to enforce. . . .

Democrats Bud Cramer and Artur Davis voted for the bill as did Republican Robert Aderholt.

Sigh. No doubt this law is extremely vague, and therefore invites arbitrary enforcement. But in addition, as this article explained when Alabama AG Troy King declared war on price gougers after Katrina (the results being one of his greatest hits; his ignorance extends to economics, too), price gouging laws are counter-productive and even immoral.

They do make for good stump speeches, though.

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