Ken Guin And The Best Resolution Yet

This is too funny:

The House of Representatives on Tuesday refused to praise Birmingham News reporter Brett Blackledge for winning the Pulitzer Prize.

Blackledge won the Pulitzer for investigative reporting for a series of articles detailing fraud and nepotism in the state’s two-year college system. Some of his articles involved legislators connected to the system. . . .

The resolution by Rep. Jack Williams, R-Homewood, asked lawmakers to force the House Rules Committee to act on his resolution commending Blackledge. The resolution had been stuck in committee. House members voted 49-20 to table Williams’ efforts.

“I’m disappointed, but it’s not a total surprise,” Williams said.

During debate, House members, including some of the subjects of Blackledge’s reports, criticized his work.

Yes, how dare he expose the legislator’s sham jobs and the conflicts of interest they created! The nerve of Blackledge, letting the public know that some of our legislators were acting as lobbyists for their school employers! Voters just want their sausage; they don’t want to know how it’s made.

Also, and I’m sure this is nothing more than an interesting little tidbit of information, but guess who chairs the committee in which the resolution is stuck? Ken Guin.

Ken Guin – he of the identical work reports submitted to his two college employers, reports listing his work as a legislator as work for the schools – deciding whether or not to honor the reporter who derailed the gravy train? That’s kind of like asking Mike Price what he thinks of Sports Illustrated. Except Price paid the whore, whereas Guin, well, he’s the one who was taking the money.

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3 Comments on “Ken Guin And The Best Resolution Yet”

  1. Don Says:

    Personally, I have considered Guin to be a cancer on our state government for the past few years since I began working to hopefully help Alabama become the 25th Initiative and Refrerendum state so the voters who own and pay for our government will have the tool they need to introduce REAL REFORM AND ACCOUNTABILITY legislation that would bypass the legislature and the governor and be placed on a ballot for Alabamians to accept or reject.

    The question to me is how to convince voters in districts such as his, Bedford’s, Sanders’ Barron’s and a few others to cease and desist from returning them to office.

  2. Brian Says:

    When I see the name Guin lots of words come to mind, none of which I would feel comfortable typing here.

  3. ALmod Says:

    In other news… Karl Rove did not send flowers to Joe Wilson?

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