Executing Child Molesters

I wondered why this old post discussing Troy King’s plan to extend the death penalty to child molesters received a spike in traffic the last two days. It’s because in that post I also discussed the first court test of such a law, and yesterday that court – the Louisiana Supremes – upheld it, affirming a death sentence for Patrick O. Kennedy, who was convicted of raping his eight year old step-daughter.

I have not read the opinion yet (which you can find here), but it doesn’t matter what it says. This is almost certainly going to Scotus. Well, to Justice Kennedy; everyone already knows exactly how all the other Justices will rule, so every brief will essentially be written to him. What will he do? Like I said in the earlier post, I’m betting he says it’s unconstitutional. I just can’t see the guy who authored the abominably bad Roper decision voting to expand the death penalty.

And if he does strike it down, that’s fine with me. Not because I care about the substantive issue, but because outside of Steve Spurrier (and maybe Baghdad Bob), no-one is more entertaining in defeat that Justice Scalia.

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