Tomorrow Is Do Dah Day!

For those who don’t know:

In 1979, a small group of friends got together and decided to have a party — or so the story goes — and Do Dah Day was born.  The following years saw the party grow into an event raising money for local charities such as the Birmingham Zoo, Avondale Library and the Alabama Theatre.  With so many Do Dah Day volunteers being pet owners and animal lovers, it was a natural progression for the fundraising focus to turn to local animal charities.  Soon Do Dah Day was no longer a party — it had become an all-out festival.

Today, Do Dah Day is Birmingham’s oldest event.  A music festival that in its infancy was enjoyed by 200 fun-loving Birmingham citizens, now sees more than 40,000 people from all over the United States converge on Birmingham’s Historic Highland Parks for a day of fun, food and music with their pets.  Raising more than $536,000 since 1992 for Jefferson County animal shelters, Do Dah Day is one of the city’s most cherished springtime events.

Here’s the bands.

Of course, the parade of pets is the best part. That starts at 11:01. Here’s some video from last year:

Really, this is the best event in all of Alabama. It’s worth the drive no matter what part of the state you live in.

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4 Comments on “Tomorrow Is Do Dah Day!”

  1. Would love to read more than you have written – we have nothing on this scale in the UK

  2. publius Says:

    the festival should be renamed in honor of Topper Price. If the feckless John Rogers was dead, 99% of Birmingham would be re named in his thieving honor. God, you sent us a saint in Topper, we sent you back a sinner. Somehow it doesnt seem fair. We are stuck with John Rogers the thief and God, you took Topper home. I guess there is a lesson somewhere in this. Topper, thanks and God bless, Rogers, go to hell.

  3. Loretta Nall Says:

    I remember Do Dah Day last year. I was in the parade as a candidate. I remember riding by Don Siegelman, who was walking, and asking him it the if he needed a ride 🙂 Spent the remainder of the day gathering signatures for ballot access.

    I was going to bring Saul my German Shepherd to the parade today but he is not ready for that much excitement without being muzzled and that would be mean. Maybe once he gets a little older and calmer.

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