“Real Men Of Genius”

Today we salute you, Mr. Moronic Mule:

Birmingham Police Wednesday announced the seizure of 7 kilos of cocaine and the arrest of two men from a Tuesday morning traffic stop on Interstate 20/59.

Captain Michael Fisher, head of the department’s vice and narcotics division, said the cocaine has a street value of $175,000.

The men whose, identities were not released, have been arrested, but not charged. They are being held in the Birmingham City Jail, Fisher said.

The drugs were discovered in hidden compartments during a traffic stop after the men were pulled over for speeding in a 1995 Buick Park Avenue. They were near the 1st Avenue North exit on I-20/59 and said they were en route to Atlanta from Dallas.

The men, who displayed suspicious behavior, consented to a search.

O.k., the speeding is dumb enough. But why in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks would they consent to a search when they knew they had umpteen thousand dollars worth of cocaine in the car? When I was in law school and read about stuff like this, my reaction was always something like “yeah, they ‘consented,’ right, during a beat down, maybe.” Now, though, I’ve interviewed enough clients to know that, nope, these guys probably just went ahead and told the cops to search the car. Why? I still don’t know, but for some reason people in that situation think it’s going to help them if they let the cops search the car. Like the cops are going to say “Oh, well, we found all this cocaine, but because you were honest with us, we’ll let you go this time.” As these guys are in the process of finding out, that’s delusional. When it comes to requests to search, the only safe response is to just say no.

Anyway, criminals don’t have a monopoly on stupidity. The second salute is to this swat team (thanks Loretta):

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7 Comments on ““Real Men Of Genius””

  1. Mark Says:

    Ha! Reminds me of the train robbery scene in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”.

  2. Galleon115 Says:

    What if they consented just to say, “see, we have nothing to hide” in the hope that the officer won’t conduct a thourough search? Most of the cases that I have seen involving the defendants’ refusal to consent resulted in the officer simply calling up a k-9 unit, and, unless the defendants were held for just a ridiculous amount of time, are upheld by the courts.

  3. wheeler Says:

    “in the hope that the officer won’t conduct a thourough search?”

    again, delusional.

    as for the second point, in alabama at least, the cops can’t keep you any longer than it takes to complete the ticket writing process unless they have reason to think there’s some other criminal activity. so the cops can’t just pull you over for speeding and then hold you until the dog gets there. they need evidence of a crime. i have seen cases reversed on this issue.

  4. Old Prosecutor Says:

    Look guys – it is called “DOPE” for a reason. Me thinks they sampled their product en route and thought they could out smart the cops by consenting

  5. bohemianprose Says:

    as far as the guys getting pulled over….consent to search is neither here nor there….and if you went to law school which is suspect at best you would know this. Why you ask? Because if they we’re acting in a mnnor that was abnormal giving reason to believe something was up as you so stated the officer would have copious amounts of P.C. or probable Cause to search their consent was only a formality, otherwise they would detain the suspects and bring the vehicle back to H.Q. to tear it down………Is this a Christian site of site for hating people?

  6. ALmod Says:

    The sad truth, wheeler, is that most people don’t know their own legal rights.

  7. Galleon115 Says:

    it cannot be THAT delusional. there is a new video out called “Never get busted again” produced by a former narcotics officer, who now has switched over to the other side in a group called Leap (law enforcment against prohibition). this is the advice he gives. regarding the case law, all it takes is a cop to say, ‘he was acting suspicious’ and you have reasonable suspicion to detain a person for a k9 unit. in theory, he cant detain someone longer than necessary, but there is an almost invisible threshold to make it necessary

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