How Is This Fair?

Jeff Vreeland took two months off from blogging, but now returns with this post:

Today an article was published in Roll Call, the newspaper of Capital Hill, entitled Democrats Can’t Start a Fire Without a Sparks. The author of the article, Josh Kurtz, interviewed me yesterday in regards to the upcoming 2008 election and what impact Alabama might have on a national level. We also spoke about some up and coming political stars in Alabama (both republicans and democrats).

Come on! Here I am dutifully cranking out several insightful posts a day, and who wants to interview me? No one. Meanwhile Jeff has been gone so long that the Alabama Republicans had to start their own blog. How is that right? I will now pout.

Oh well, I guess the distinction is the quality of the blogging. So congrats Jeff and I’m glad to see the Republican Party Blog Politics in Alabama up and running again.

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2 Comments on “How Is This Fair?”

  1. Come on Wheeler!!
    Your blog is 10 times better then mine and you know that.
    And no, I did not start the Republican Blog, but it is funny how it started while I was gone. Never had really thought about that.

  2. Dan Says:

    I think Jeff meets people at party things. Maybe you should start going to them.

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