“God Hates Jerry Falwell”


Nothing I can add to that. But here’s a list of his life’s work if you’re wondering what led to Falwell’s condemnation.

Oh, and if you want a different perspective, here’s Tinky Winky’s Falwell eulogy.

UPDATE: Jesus’ General links here with “The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways.” And so to does the blogosphere. Act in mysterious ways, that is, as this post – one absent any commentary or insight (and needing none; the insanity speaking for itself) – had already become my all time most visited, even without all the guests referred by the General.

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24 Comments on ““God Hates Jerry Falwell””

  1. Loretta Nall Says:

    OMG I haven’t laughed that hard in eons!!!! This is one instance where I would not protest the WBC being in town to protest a funeral. Too funny!!

  2. chip Says:

    This is sick! Let God be the judge and if there is no God as some claim then it doesn`t matter what any of us do anyhow. The man has a family and like him or not he was loved and respected by many. America sympathizes with terrorists and condemns her own. The again this is America and that`s your right.

  3. ALmod Says:

    Poetic. Justice.

  4. Sailer Says:

    That’s the best thing about religous people. When they get powerful enough they stop bothering reasonable people and start attacking each other. Notice fatah and Hamas going at each other. Shia and Sunni and until the all powerful Catholic church lost some of it’s power catholics and protestants. PBS has a series on the inquistion and it’s interesting. It is incredible that you can take a stupid ideal and say that it’s God’s will and then people believe. I hope that reasonable people prevail before we slip into another dark age where belief in the supernatural is supreme. Calming children by telling them that an angel is watching over them to protect them from demons isn’t really OK but only harms the child. But trying to run a nation on a belief in the supernatural is scarey. Falwell was a leader in the religous taking over control of america and is part of the reason that we are now in Irag. They are talking on NPR about how the justice department is being reformed to better reflect religous ideology instead of legal competancy. The Moral Majority and the like seem to think that if you say you love Jesus and hate abortion that you can do no wrong. Oh and don’t forget hate homosexuals. My reading of history tells me that Hitler came to power by using hatred. He hated homosexuals and Jews and sent many to their death. He seemed to hate everything not german. In reality he was probably a coldly calculating man that used people’s prejudices to gain power. Notice how George Wallace used the same technique until hating blacks became less acceptable even in the south. Andrew Jackson used lust for land and hatred of indians in his political career and was very successfull in his ethnic cleasning of the east.

  5. kc Says:

    I’m kind of glad Jacksonian democracy was successful…..and no matter what your take on Falwell….picketing anyones funeral…even Ted Bundy’s would be objectionable uncouth and , dare i say, downright tacky

  6. mom Says:

    My time is better spent loving my kids and grandkids. Hate is a waste of time.

  7. Hon Says:

    Amen, Mom! I definitely agree 🙂

  8. Baudrillard Says:

    I didn’t realize that “attack[ing] WBC[s]” self-righteous, unbiblical insanity constitutes “the unpardonable sin — otherwise known as the sin against the Holy Ghost.”

    Facinating logic there.

  9. wheeler Says:

    that’s some hubris, huh?

  10. Aaron Kinney Says:

    I wonder what kind of press release or protest from the WBC we will see when Phelps himself finally kicks the bucket? 😉

  11. bohemianprose Says:

    Only God knows the heart..as far as the unpardonable sin dude? Read the bible.. last I heard it’s a sin to hate your brother for that matter anyone lest are hearts grow bitter. You don’t know his heart for that matter you’re not God and can’t judge. From the way it looks you more impressed with a political agenda.

  12. bohemianprose Says:

    grow up the mans dead..you didn’t seem to have much of a problem with hin until he was dead? way to go slick!

  13. rynato Says:

    There is little doubt that Falwell split Hell wide open the instant he died.

    Holy shit. I agree with Rev. Fred Phelps about something. I have a feeling Falwell is too cold rather than too hot, right about now…

  14. rynato Says:

    P.S. Yay sodomy!

    P.P.S. I don’t believe in your silly little god, bohemianprose.

    P.P.P.S. A lot of people had issues with him long before Rev. Fat Bastard kicked off. What was your point, again?

  15. Sailer Says:

    May Falwell rest in peace. A funeral is no place for politics. Sorry if I write too much. My position is simple I want a secular government. I don ‘t believe churches should pursue political agendas but that there should be religous freedom as long as the different sects don’t start waging war in america. If churches want to be politically active they should be treated as a political party. Osama bin laden and Falwell are only different by degrees..they both want theology to trump logic and religion to dominate society. If there is a heaven I hope that Falwell is there…I also hope Osama is there too.

  16. Sailer Says:

    Very neat review article about the new synthesis of morality pscyology in the current issue of Science May 18. If you believe in science it explains morality in evolutionary/psycological terms. Lawyers probably have a very intuitive feel for this subject matter.

  17. callmeL Says:

    No wonder this world is so fucked up! If according to you -WBC- God spends so much time hating so many, He/She has no time to love this world that needs it so much these days.

    But we know he does have time to love beer. Yeah…Rock on God! while this world goes to hell.

    What a bunch of idiots. Religion will be the end of man kind and the world – all 6000 years of it!!!hahahaha

  18. Larry Says:

    Truly, I do not think politics has a place in funerals; however, not everyone agrees with me. Examples: the funerals of Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King. Lordy, were they ever long, long, long. I know that there was politics in a liturgucal form at the funerals of former Presidents Ford and Reagan; however, they were celebrated in an acceptable and timely manner.

    Also, in that liturgy, not only were prayers offered for the repose of the souls of Ford and Reagan, but for all the “faithful departed.” God’s love for his children is so vast that it is immeasurable and cannot be contained in a box of conservatism and extreme fundamentalism.

    I pray daily for all God’s children here on earth and for those who transitioned into Life Eternal. Yes, I even pray for the misguided members of WBC, hoping that one day they will read history and realize that extremely fundamentalism only breeds death-seeking militancy. May God guide them to the awakening that demonstrating at funerals is not demonstrative of the love of God and his Son, Jesus Christ.

    Evidently, they do not know the same Christ and God that I worship, love and adore.

  19. sarah Says:

    My goodness wbc you claim jerry falwell was a false prophret>did you ever realize everything that you guys spout from your mouths is tons of shit.If theres anyone heading to hell its all your members . Burn in Hell you Bastards,come on people let me hear you say you fucking bastards are going to pay.

  20. Chuck Rice Says:

    Matthew 7:7 Enough said !!!

  21. John Says:

    Those who argue against Rev. Falwell’s statement of faith and the need for America and people globally to repent and accept Jesus Christ as personal savior need to realize they have a 50% chance of being right. However, have they thought about the 50% chance of being wrong, and where this will lead them for eternity?

  22. drmike Says:

    Actually a lot of folks had problems with Falwell and his politics for quite a long time. This is nothing new.

  23. tb Says:

    i can’t tell you how proud i am to be a devoit atheist.

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