“it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.”

Stuff about which I don’t feel like blogging in detail.

Given he has no chance to carry Alabama, but I wonder if a sound rejection of this appeal might help his overall chances in Alabama:

The Alabama Democratic Conference heard U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s appeal for their endorsement of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama in the state’s presidential primary.

You mean the folks who have to pay civil jury awards think those awards are excessive and wasteful? Geez, next thing you know capital defendants will be complaining about the death penalty.

When I was in college, which was not that long ago, I would be shocked if a proffesor so much as understood e-mail, never mind actually responding to a message. Now look at how good these high school kids have it today:

It was 5:30 the evening before her geometry test, and Mary Kathryn Sawyer was stumped, but by 9 p.m. she and her teacher had figured out the problem.

It wasn’t a late-night study session that helped the Oak Mountain High School student prepare for the test, but an online blog.

Sawyer’s teacher, Suzanne Culbreth, has been using a blog, or online journal, to post daily lesson plans and hints for tests. The blog allows students to post comments and questions and receive quick answers from their teacher even after school is out.

“It’s really great because if Mary Kathryn has a question on a problem, then maybe someone else does too,” Culbreth said. “This way the explanation is out there for everyone to see. I call it a virtual study session.”

I have a money saving suggestion for the papers. Instead of taking the time to research and report about the Dome or Natalee Holloway, just run the same story every two weeks or so, but with new dates and deadlines. Really, save yourselves some effort and just make out a template saying something like “Aruban officials conducted new searches on —. They questioned Joran van der Sloot and the Kaloes. They dug up some beaches. The officials learned nothing.”

On the subject of wasted resources, IMHO, Alabama is really wasting our natural resources by not making more land available for outdoor uses. These folks are whining about not having enough horse trails in the state. And Oak Mountain, for instance, can almost feel like the Galleria on a nice weekend. So the demand is there. We just need some leadership.

And finally, I saw this today, and it made me laugh:


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2 Comments on ““it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.””

  1. Grace Wessel Says:

    Your blog is interesting. I enjoyed a change of pace. I don’t know what I want to say, but guess I will say what I always say. If people quit being so accusatory and inflammatory when they talk about Natalee’s disappearance, they would see some rather interesting clues that most people don’t even consider talking about. For example, why did Jossie Mansur’s gardener’s son (who was in Aruba illegally at the time of Natalee’s disappearance that fateful night) why did he come forward at all? He was in the country illegally and according to most such persons, they don’t talk to anyone about anything, and the last thing they want to do is bring attention to themselves and have police types coming to their door. So what was the gardener’s son’s motive? He said he was up at 2 a.m. looking for a fan because he was hot. Or is it more likely he was driving around either buying or selling drugs on the beach to Zompig’s relative who was living in a hut in that same area, and was known to deal drugs. The gardener’s son said he had to “drive around Joran and the Kalpoe’s car” but is he literally covering his tracks where he buried Natalee and ran over the disturb ed dirt so people wouldn’t notice the hump from digging. He would be a likely person to have a shovel in his truck, since he was a gardener. Many people who are guilty try to cast suspicion on someone else. And the other thing that bothers me is how Natalee kept asking people if they lived in a big house, how she called her mother “a Hitler” and had said to several people that she didn’t want to go home to Alabama, she wanted to stay in Aruba. My theory is when Croes told Greta why he would lie for Deepak (when he didn’t even know him) “Maybe I was just trying to help somebody.” Could Croes have been coyly saying he was trying to help Natalee leave the island because she wanted not to go back to Alabama, and couldn’t show her face again the next day out of embarrassment when Beth came to town making a spectacle of Natalee not getting on the plane back to Alabama. I believe that Natalee could easily be alive somewhere and ashamed of the big mess everything turned in to when Beth came to town. The truth will surface someday, hopefully. If you weren’t there, and I wasn’t either, all we can have is theories. Belittling and being cruel to people because of a theory is not very mature, and there is a lot of that going on. gw.

  2. ALmod Says:

    I want that WWJD picture! I want it framed and displayed in every room of my house!

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