Meant to put these up earlier in the week, but here’s some pics from last weekend’s trip to Chattanooga.

Mom and the babies in front of the Tennessee River.


Dad, before the big ride.

Dad, after the big ride.

A shot from the world’s longest pedestrian bridge, looking over Coolidge park:

From the same spot, looking in the other direction, with Lookout Mountain in the background:

The aquarium.

These next shots are from the Magic City Art Connection.

Mom and Malcom.

Dad and Omi.

Finally, the best part of any festival – funnel cake.

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12 Comments on “Pictures”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Great pics! Those babies are so cute.

  2. Mark Says:

    My brother lives not too far from the bridge. Just cross from downtown and keep walking straight up. He rides around Chattanooga. Lots of hills.

  3. ALmod Says:

    That picture of them sitting up made my day!

  4. Don Says:

    “the world’s longest pedestrian bridge, looking over Coolidge park”

    It’s been so long since I lived in or even visited Chattanooga that I’ve never heard of Coolidge Park. The bridge must be what I remember being known as the Walnut Street Bridge. There were two bridges across the river back then only a few blocks apart, the other one known as the Market Street Bridge. Across the river from the downtown area was what was called Red Bank.

  5. Mark Says:

    The pedestrian bridge would, indeed, be the Walnut St bridge. It is billed as the world’s longest pedestrian bridge, but it was once a bridge for vehicles. It is a neat connection between downtown and the apparently booming area on the other bank.

  6. wheeler Says:

    i think they call the other side the north shore or something silly like that.

    goofy names aside, the park is fantastic: big open spaces for ball playing, an indoor carosel, a rock climbing wall, and a huge fountain for kids to splash in. and behind the park are plenty of restaurants and retail shops.

  7. Frank Says:

    You have the cutest kids! It outta be a crime to have kids that cute.

    I love the picture of Malcolm with his mom.

  8. Don Says:

    The “Red Bank” I referred to is actually a community name that shows up on a map of the Chattanooga area. When our family celebrated our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary many years ago we had a large dinner at Fenn’s Restaurant over there. One of the house specialties was called Fenn’s Famous Macaroon Pie — made with soda crackers — and it was delicious. I believe I have a recipe for it somewhere around here.

    When I was a kid the Walnut Street Bridge was open to vehicular traffic, but it was really narrow and somewhat rickety. I believe it may have had a train track on a lower level below the bridge.

    Chattanooga has done marvelous things to revitalize the downtown area that other cities could do well to emulate. It all started when they turned the old Union Railroad station into the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

  9. Wheeler Says:


    i’ve only known chatanooga in its revitilized state, and even i can tell they have done some amazing things. it must be even more remarkable for someone like you who grew up there.

    btw, i can’t imagine driving a car over that bridge!

  10. Don Says:

    “btw, i can’t imagine driving a car over that bridge!”

    I don’t know whether your biking ride goes up Signal Mountain, Suck Creek Road specifically, but if it does can you imagine my Dad learning to drive an automobile on that road back in the late ’20s when it was probably much narrower than it is today?

  11. Wheeler Says:

    it does go up suck creek road, and even as the road is now, that would be a scary place to learn how to drive!

  12. […] any length of time knows, I think Chattanooga is one of the coolest places in the South (see, e.g., here, and here. So any attempt to imitate them is, in my mind, a good […]

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