The Republican Presidential Debate

Who cares what they said? How in the world can anyone say anything of substance in thirty seconds? All these “debates” are the same thing: “I want America to be great; my opponent drowns baby ducks.”

Nevertheless, if any of them really wanted to stand out, imho, the suit would have been a great place to start. Look at these guys:

Wow. What an group of free thinkers. If any of these conformists wanted to distinguish himself and get the country to wake up talking about his candidacy, he would have taken some style lessons, from, oh, say, Prime Time:

Think about it, if you’re Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul, what do you have to lose? As it is, you’re nothinig but a footnote in the news this morning. Had Huckabee visited Neon Deion’s taylor, though, EVERYONE would be taking about him today.  

Just a thought, anyway.

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2 Comments on “The Republican Presidential Debate”

  1. Hom Says:

    I have to say – that looks like a very unoriginal group. And wow…I love Deion’s suit. Maybe you should get one like that for municipal court in Bham…might wake up the judge 🙂

  2. Truman Says:

    Funny. Good point.

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