Wasting Resources?

In the B’ham News today: 

Two separate traffic stops by the Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies turned up several hundred pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $330,000, authorities said Wednesday.

But to find those two “bad guys” the cops probably searched eighteen innocent people:

About 1 in 10 searches during a traffic stop uncovered evidence of a possible crime

In 11.6% of searches conducted during a traffic stop in 2005, police found drugs, an illegal weapon, open containers of alcohol, or other illegal items. Consent and nonconsent searches turned up evidence of criminal wrong-doing at similar rates.

In addition to the costs born by those innocent drivers, there’s the cost of prosecuting the two arrested drivers. I certainly don’t know the number, but I know it is a complicated process and no one involved works for free. Also, don’t forget that all the resources courts, prosecutors, investigators, forensic scientists, prisons and defense attorneys spend on marijuana prosecutions are resources not spent on prosecutions for rapes, murders and robberies.

And, of course, taking those drugs off the marker won’t have any impact whatsoever on the drug trade in the locality for which they were destined. While the cops were arresting these guys, who knows how many other deliveries zipped right on past them.

So we’re spending all these resources in a losing battle to prevent people from taking a drug that poses no more danger to the users or society than do legal intoxicants like alcohol. Sounds like government at its best. 

UPDATE: Really, what’s so bad about this:

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3 Comments on “Wasting Resources?”

  1. Loretta Nall Says:


    They just created 2 new job openings in the black market illicit drug trade, took two people that t he public wasn’t paying for and put them on the taxpayer tab and will do everything in their bloated popwer to keep them on the taxpayer tab until they die.

    Our government at work….

  2. kc Says:


    In light of that story, I thought you might want to see this case out of Florida’s 3rd DCA:


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