Weather News

The headline for this story is “Drought affects farms, boaters, odds of wildfire” but what they don’t mention is that the biggest affect is on the local weathermen. I mean, you just know that the complete lack of rain, thunder, and lightning is driving James Spann et. al. completely insane. What’s a weatherman to do if he can’t interrupt a ball game that I’m watching in Birmingham so that he can tell folks they need to “go to their place of safety” because there’s “severe weather” in Mississippi that might possibly affect the five people who live in Marion County?

In other news, less rain ought to mean more outdoor activities, but it looks like everyone in the B’ham area ought to just stay inside. Here’s the 2007 American Lung Association Best and Worst Cities for air pollution. Fourth from the bottom – beaten only by Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Bakersfield – for cities most polluted by year round particle pollution? The B’ham/Hoover/Cullman Metro area. Way to go!

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3 Comments on “Weather News”

  1. Hon Says:

    Cullman…metro area? Really?

  2. Mark Says:

    If you look at the particulate pollution ranking, Rome, Ga, my home town, ends up 14th worst. Rome? What are they doing there?

  3. Old Prosecutor Says:

    Your city gets to be #4 nationwide and you are griping. Some people just can’t be pleased

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