From today’s bike ride; of the babies; and for the new contest.

Alabama the beautiful.

Uhmm, O.K.

Looking south over Sloss towards downtown.

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Brookside. So far as I know, the only onion dome in Jefferson County, maybe even in all Alabama.

Another view.

The ball fields in Brookside.

Five Mile Creek Canoe & Company.

The launch into Five Mile Creek.

Directions for the creek.

When I was in college, I  worked at a sporting goods store that outfitted just about every local baseball and softball team. For every team that was made of males over thirteen, there would always be one guy who, when asked what number he wanted, would reply “Heh, heh, 69 man.” I don’t think the same idea was behind the choice of this number:

Now some baby pics.

“Look, we’ve got feet!”

Mom and Malcolm snoozin.

Dad too.

Happy Omi.

Finally, the contest. We had multiple winners of the last one: The patio at Joe Muggs in English Village. The new one is much more challenging. In fact, I’m going to use two pictures. The first is the actual contest; the second is a clue.

If you looked south out of that window, this is what you’d see.

E-mail me your guesses.

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2 Comments on “Pictures”

  1. Baudrillard Says:

    Not sure if Malbis constitutes an onion dome, but it has some awesome mosaics.

  2. Dan Says:

    By the way, you’ve never submitted a picture for “Around Alabama”?


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