Three new ones.

The first two aren’t much worth reading for anything other than a good laugh, being propaganda machines. Besides, neither of them have me on their blogroll, so obviously they are clueless. (Joking, really I’m not that full of myself). Anyway, here’s the Alabama Democratic Party’s blog, and here’s the Alabama Republican Party’s blog.

The third one is Bessemer Opinions. Good stuff, there, especially all the flower pictures. Also, I discovered after reading this post that a favorite bike ride of mine takes me past the author’s house. Small world.  

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6 Comments on “Blogrolling”

  1. Reactionary Says:

    Good catch on Bessemer Opinions; I recently found Joe through Bham Blues, and I was surprised to that his take on the slavery resolution was substantially the same as mine. Other than that I think he’s a freakin’ idiot 🙂

    Nice that we agree sometimes, however.

  2. Joe Says:

    Since I don’t know who you are, I will take that as a compliment. I’ve been called much worse.

  3. Reactionary Says:

    Joe, you’re right, I apologize, that was harsh. I should have kept ‘you’ out of the discussion and stated my opinion of your positions. You seem like a concerned citizen, and as a master gardener I appreciate the plants. The picture of Tulum is cool too, been there several times. And as I stated above, we agree on some things and I do read your weblog. That much is complimentary.

    However, your post on gun laws ignores the fact that if the VT community had guns available, the outcome may have more like Appalachian School of Law, where armed (in their cars) students were able to subdue a man after he killed three people.

    Banning guns is unconstitutional (the 2d protects the rest). But look, the Toledo Blade just published an editorial with which you may agree. “The disarming of America”:

    You use Britain as a model (banning handguns after Dunblane), but gun violence in their ‘gun-free’ society is rising. I also think that Britain’s giving up their right to self-defense in 1967 contributes to the ‘Clockwork Orange’-ness of their society. Thankfully, Alabama recently strengthened self-defense laws (to me: stand your ground; to you: shoot first).

    Re: Earth Day. I think that man-made global warming is a hoax. When I want to help the environment, I get out my chain saw and cut down invasive Chinese privet in the wetlands. Heh.

    Also, Harry Reid is about as close to being a traitor to this country as John Kerry.

    I’ll end on a positive note; I agree with you that Sen. Clinton did out-perform (I would almost say out-hawk) the rest of the field at the Democratic debate.

  4. Reactionary Says:

    wheeler, my apologies to you, too. My comment, even with the smiley, was disrespectful of the forum you provide.

  5. Joe Says:

    You sound like “anonymous” on my blog about guns. anyway, I know banning all guns is unconstitutional, but banning certain types is not. You will notice on the comments on my blog that I own guns, and am a pretty good shot. But for instance, re-instating the ban on assault weapons might be a good idea. the toledo blade article is too far left even for me.

    Hey, I will make you a deal. I will study up on gun law if you will study up on global warming, because you are WAY off base there. That is one subject that I am well versed on, as a former and once again student of science and enviromental health. but I don’t think wheeler’s comment section is the place to rant about that.

  6. Reactionary Says:

    I’m pseudonymous. Deal on gun law v. global warming; note that I’m a fan of Drs. Christy and Spencer, climatologists at UAH.

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