You’re Not Paranoid If They’re Really Out To Get You

Who knows how this story will end, or what other facts exist, but that’s my initial reaction (emphasis added):

Teams of federal, state and local law enforcement agents executed four search warrants in DeKalb and Jefferson counties beginning at 6 a.m., so far arresting five people. The raids took place in several areas in DeKalb County — forcing the closing of Collinsville High School on U.S. 11 because of traffic concerns– and in Trussville.

Authorities had to rent a U-Haul truck to haul away the explosives and weapons from a house in Trussville.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives launched an investigation into the reported militia group seven weeks ago, according to a federal source. Officials said the group had not made not any specific threats, but said they worked to quickly shut down the group because of its heavy firepower. One federal official said the group had enough armaments to outfit a small army.

About 150 law enforcement officers from several states participated in today’s raids.

At least five suspects are expected appear in federal court this afternoon for initial criminal proceedings. There are 12 certified bomb squads in the state, and they often work together as a team or task force. Bomb squads from Jefferson County, Huntsville police, the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and Gadsden police assisted ATF bomb technicians in today’s operations.

Militias are self-styled citizen groups that form to protect individual rights and prepare for a possible revolution against government tyranny. Their enemy is Uncle Sam, particularly the FBI and ATF, which they see as the reincarnation of Hitler’s Gestapo.

For those keeping score at home, that’s 150 quasi-military officials from several counties, states and the federal government shutting down a high school and large sections of two towns so that they could arrest five individuals who 1) had a bunch of weapons (second amendment, anyone?), 2) had not threatened anybody, and 3) really distrusted and feared the government.  

Gee, hard to imagine why these folks fear Uncle Sam.

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8 Comments on “You’re Not Paranoid If They’re Really Out To Get You”

  1. Dan Says:

    This is why the Second Amendment exists.

  2. Mark Says:

    I wonder what the “explosives” were.

  3. Truman Says:

    Shouldn’t she be prosecuting people for trying to pick up US Customs agents at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, or protesting too close to an abortion clinic, or picking up an arrowhead in a National Forest, or possessing an eagle feather?

    I am just grateful that the Federal Gov’t is spending my tax dollars protecting us from vicious criminals like these clowns.

  4. Dystopos Says:

    I assumed it was some kind of huge cache. 130 homemade grenades sounds pretty impressive, but 1250 rounds of ammo? That’s just another weekend in Gate City, isn’t it? Hardly enough to launch a revolution.

  5. wheeler Says:

    “That’s just another weekend in Gate City, isn’t it?”

    i regularly ride my bike through there on my way to points south and east. went for a ride once with a gal who is also an assistant da. wanted to go that route. she refused; having prosecuted one too many defendants with gate city addresses.

  6. ALmod Says:

    There’s been a HUGE discussion about this whole ordeal on the Trussville forum at You get all flavors over there.

    People forget that the second amendment doesn’t limit “arms” to just guns.

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  8. […] Maybe There Were Some Threats Contra the initial reportsabout the militia loonies arrested last week, is this update: The heavily armed Alabama Free Militia […]

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