That Ignorant Barbarians Support The Death Penalty . . .

Does not mean supporting the death penalty makes you an ignorant barbarian. 

But thanks anyway Mr. Bruton for giving the bloodthirsty and foolish among us – i.e. Troy King, vel sim – a great way to caricature anyone who wants to reform Alabama’s death penalty system. Henceforth, anyone who questions it as it stands will be labelled as some kind of America-Hating, One-World-Government-Loving, Tea-Sipping, European Sissy Pants. Go back to Europe and preen, please.

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9 Comments on “That Ignorant Barbarians Support The Death Penalty . . .”

  1. Truman Says:

    “America-Hating, One-World-Government-Loving, Tea-Sipping, European Sissy Pants.”

    I couldn’t have said that better myself.

    How about a bed-wetting pinko criminal coddling socialist who should mind his business and give us a call next time they are invaded by fascists.

  2. Truman Says:

    Henceforth? Haven’t we always classified anyone who questions the death penalty in those terms?

  3. barry Says:

    I do not presently, nor have I have ever, sipped tea.

    Seriously, how dare some European come over hear and preach to us about being morally superior. That’s America’s job!

  4. Wheeler Says:

    no, no, no. we don’t preach about our moral superiority; we flex our mighty manly military muscles and mock all the girly-nations.

  5. Sailer Says:

    Death is better than life imprisonment either punishment takes away the person’s life. At least death in a timely fashion limits the time the prisoner suffers. Personally I think that if the prison system can’t make a person fit to be released in 10 years more of less that person needs to be terminated. Prison should be a place that rehabilitates people so that they can return to a productive lawfull life. Prisons as a place to store unwanted people until they die is just stupid. People in prison for life are like the professors in a university teaching younger criminals or worse raping them. No reason whatsoever to keep someone in prison for life. Rehabilitate or terminate. thinking rationally you take a young man say 20 who can’t function in society and put him in prison to be someone’s punk for 20 years and you expect him to come out and do good things??? Somehow sitting in a small cell for 20 years makes him function in society??? If prison is eye for and eye can we afford a bunch of blind toothless old excon’s running around our streets?? Many prisoners have mental problems and a lack of education. Terminate the hopeless cases and rehabilitate the ones with a future. I know it seems strange to get mental help and give an education to someone who has committed a crime. But having thousands of young men locked up forever doesn’t seem very smart. School is cheaper than prison!!!! Most people given a chance at a decent life will want that decent life. Terminate the rest.

  6. Baudrillard Says:

    Terminate? These are human beings, not cockroaches.

  7. Darrow Says:

    I’ve represented people on death row. When faced with the possibility of life without parole and death, they would have chosen death. I might, too, were I in their position. Having said that, however, that type of Hobson’s choice is hardly an argument in favor of the death penalty.

  8. sailer Says:

    If these prisoners arehuman beings why are they treat worse than animals?? They put prisoners into cages in conditions that would be illegal for house chimpanzees. Isn’t it odd that other primates deserve more space and better conditions than prisoners? I’ve read of prison cells where the inmates hadto rotate sleeping asthere wasn’t enough beds. ASPCA would file court actions if they were chimps.
    If imprisonment is for rehabilitation then rehabilitate. If it is to remove people from society just kill them. If it is to punish maybe go back to public floggings or electroshock or something that doesn’t take 20 years. 1 or two years of prison is stressfull and painfull. BNut people get used to awful conditions after X amount of time the punishment value is much less. Also after X amount of time all ties with a normal life are severely stretched or broken making reentering society as a productive citizen much less likely. My position is simple. Return the inmate to society a better person. If they are being removed from society forever why keep them alive??

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