Roy Is Slippn’

So we know that the Virgina Tech Massacre was the fault of atheists, video games, terrorists, lax immigration policies, the gun culture, the Supreme Court, Hollywood, liberal university professors, and Darwin. And this is all Roy Moore has to say?

Within hours of the tragic murder of 32 students last week on the campus of Virginia Tech, liberals both at home and abroad began to cry out for “gun control,” as if the two handguns that were used in the killings were more to blame than the disturbed student who pulled the trigger. While Cho Seung-Hui blamed everybody else in his chilling videotaped rant, the liberals and many in the media also wanted to place the blame on something else for Cho’s cruel and immoral actions, once again exploiting this tragedy to push their agenda of taking away guns from law-abiding citizens.

I’m very disapointed. I was really looking forward to his rant about Virginia Tech. I figured he’d join all the other nutjobs in placing the blame for the massacre on every part of society that they do not like. 

Instead, he goes and defends the constitution:

The right to keep and bear arms is not just a means of protecting life, but an indispensable safeguard of our liberties against oppressive government. Our Founding Fathers enshrined in the Second Amendment that this right of the people “shall not be infringed” because “the security of a free state” requires a “well-regulated militia.”

And cheers a court decision in which three robed members of the judiciary struck down a law duly enacted by the people:

Liberals choosing to ignore the historical evidence claim that this is an outdated “collective” right of the state, not the individual. But in Parker v. District of Columbia on March 9, 2007, the D.C. Court of Appeals found that the right to keep and bear arms was an “individual right” held by “the people,” and that it “existed prior to the formation of” the Second Amendment.

And he even questions the wisdom and goodness of government officials:

Tyrannical governments like those of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China and Cuba all disarmed their citizens before the unprecedented oppression and murder of millions began. Back in 1833, Justice Joseph Story wrote in his “Commentaries on the Constitution” about the “importance” of the Second Amendment “as the palladium of the liberties of a republic since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers.” History has indeed proven the truth of Story’s comment and what every oppressive government knows: You must take away the people’s guns before you can take away their rights and liberties.

Like I said, I’m very disappointed. This has been a feeding frenzy of crazies, and no one can bring the insanity quite like Roy Moore.

But there’s some consolation. The next time Roy tells us that governments ought to be trusted with the power to place ten commandments monuments in courthouses, I am going to remember his belief – apparently confined to issues of gun control – that governments are untrustworthy and that tyranny begins with small seemingly innocuous assertions of power.  I’ll also remember his love of judicial review the next time he cries about it being used outside the context of the Second Amendment.  

I agree with just about everything he says in the column. I just wish he’d apply the same principles to the rest of our rights.  

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One Comment on “Roy Is Slippn’”

  1. Dan Says:

    There is no right except the right to bear arms.

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