Would You Want Mike Nifong Running The US Dept. Of Justice?

After the AbuGonz hearing yesterday, I think it is obvious – if it was not already– that he has treated DOJ as nothing but a tool for the advancement of his own party. Even Jeff Sessions has jumped ship:

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a member of the Judiciary Committee that questioned Attorney General Alberto Gonzales today, calls the hearing “a sad day” that should lead to Gonzales meeting with President Bush to consider the possibility of stepping down from the helm of the Justice Department.

“He had problems explaining how this happened,” Sessions told Robert Siegel about the day-long hearing. “He did some good things, and some were troubling.”

Sessions, a former U.S. attorney, also agreed with the idea that the scandal has damaged the standing of the Justice Department.

Of course politics will always play a role in prosecutions, but – as the Duke rape case showed us all – that is a BAD thing. It’s something that responsible, professional, reasonable, ethical people try to contain. AbuGonz, on the other hand, embraced it and increased it.

And of course the US Attorneys are basically at will employees, but that the reason for the firing might have been legal does not mean the reason for the firing was good. Sure it would be legal, but does anyone seriously want to argue that it is anything other than really bad policy to fire a US Attorney because that US Attorney refused to act like Mike Nifong?

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3 Comments on “Would You Want Mike Nifong Running The US Dept. Of Justice?”

  1. Willie Says:

    Makes you wonder what our USA’s here in Alabama did to please Karl and Harriet?

  2. wheeler Says:

    i think the question – across the county – is what was not done.

    granted, maybe scrushelman was prosecuted for political gain, but who cares? a jury convicted him after a strenously fought trial. they were guilty, so i could care less about the motive for the prosecution.

    on the other hand, how many corrupt officials are there who escaped prosecution simply because they have an “R” attached to their name?

  3. Willie Says:

    I am not convinced that taking money from a sleazy rich guy to fund a campaign for an educational lottery is that much of a crime. No more than a sleazy preacher taking Indian casino money to campaign against said lottery, nor a governor giving a $50M payback to a biotech mogul for a $300,000 campaign donation.

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