Yesterday, Roy Moore, Today, Lee P.

Both are people with whom I rarely find myself in agreement.  Yesterday I gave props to everyone’s favorite theocrat, today’s it’s a tip of the hat to good ‘ol Lee.

I’m with him almost all the way here:

Did you know that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is short and hangs out with “no lipped white boys?” That observation was made last year by liberal blogger Wonkette, and one Alabama Democratic Party blogger (echoing Trent at now cites it as evidence that Sessions is “not held in high regard” as a Senator.

The reason I’m bringing this up and wasting precious Blogger-bytes by linking to the ADP web site is this:

This particular ADP blogger seems to view a person’s physical characteristics (including those that are directly linked to his race) as valid and appropriate considerations in judging his fitness to serve in Congress. While that line of thought runs deeply through the long history of the Alabama Democratic Party, I had been under the impression that today’s crop of Democrats were a bit more progressive. Apparently, I was mistaken.

I – unlike Lee – care little for Beauregard, considering him an idiot. But even I cringed when I read that post about Sessions.

First, Lee is correct that this is petty, juvenile, and completely useless. Poking fun at someone because of their physical attributes is just wrong. Sessions is a tool, but he did not have any say in how short or tall he was going to be. And it goes without saying that his height has nothing to do with whether or not he’s a good senator.

Of course, it’s perfectly o.k. to make fun of Sessions for his views, ideas, and beliefs. He chose those, and has no qualms about putting them into the public square. So if you want to say Sessions is a moron because he thinks Saddam’s belief that he won the Gulf War justified the Iraq invasion, fine. But let’s not make fun of him because he’s short.

Second, as a blogger with whom I often agree points out, this is bad political strategy:

Now the anti-Sessions/pro-any-Dem crowd have taken to mocking Sessions’ physical attributes and making racially stereotypical comments (kudos to Lee).

I was meeting a friend for a quick bite when I spied the diminutive Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Munchkinland) dining with a group of no lipped whiteboys that looked to include his press guy and other staffers and/or lobbyists.

In our double standard society that is perfectly acceptable.  Yes, it was a regurgitation of a Wonkette piece (for those of you who don’t know, Wonkette is a sharp, crude political blog), but it was obviously not posted with any recriminations for it’s content.  Just imagine if the politician in question had been a black man and the person said something offensive like, “with a group of fat lipped black boys.”  There would be hell to pay and we all know which two “reverends” would be on the airwaves.

But such is the nature of political parties.  People check their own minds at the door when they join up.

Stuff like the short-Sessions post, while they get a chuckle from those of us who have already decided that Sessions is a goob, are going to make the undecided voters think the anti-Sessions crowd is a bunch of hypocritical partisan nutcases. That won’t serve our purpose. There is a rational case for Sacking Sessions. So let’s make it and leave the name-calling behind.

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7 Comments on “Yesterday, Roy Moore, Today, Lee P.”

  1. Dan Says:

    I should point out that although I started calling him the “Evil Little Troll,” I adopted the term from someone else without knowledge of the senator’s height.

    Trolls are short, right?

  2. Willie Says:

    I am listening to Sessions now on C-span radio. My god, I think one of his ba–s just dropped, he is actually throwing some hard questions at the AG.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Willie, I’m starting to wonder if Bush has tired of defending his hapless AG — Sessions was really going after him, at least in contrast to his usual softballs.

    Wheeler, I agree with you. That was an ill-considered post, and I hope it stops there. As you say, we can come up with plenty of reasons to criticize Sessions without citing his appearance. I have no idea how tall he is, and I don’t care.

  4. Joey Says:

    It’s a link from Wonkette, I think it’s interesting. Blogs are supposed to be fun and interesting, not a textbook. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously.

  5. Dan Says:

    You’re right that they should be fun and interesting, but that post was just mean.

  6. wheeler Says:


    i did not intend to criticise wonkette; that’s just a goofy blog. but the alabama democratic party blog and sack sessions are supposed to have a serious reason for existance.

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