“I am Rudy Giuliani, do as I command you!”

Hypnosis is one way to explain this:

Rudy Giuliani brings his quest for the Republican Party nomination for president to Alabama today looking for cash and votes in a red state that not so long ago would have been unwelcoming to a candidate who supports abortion rights and gun control.

But, New York City’s former two-term mayor comes to the Heart of Dixie not only leading in opinion polls nationally, but also in Alabama.

The latest poll by the Capital Survey Research Center – the polling arm of the Alabama Education Association – showed Giuliani with 28 percent of the vote among likely state Republican voters. Arizona Sen. John McCain had 23 percent of the vote despite having appeared in Alabama at least three times in mostly high-profile visits, usually in the company of popular Gov. Bob Riley.

Giuliani will be in Mobile this morning for a $1,000-per-person fundraiser and will then fly to Montgomery for another $1,000-per-person fundraiser before addressing a joint session of the Alabama Legislature.

The campaign appearances will be the first in Alabama for Giuliani, who was once regarded as a long shot for his party’s nomination given his long history of support for abortion rights, gun control, same-sex civil unions and plenty of personal baggage that includes three marriages.

It amazes and disturbs me that anyone, anywhere, could consider voting for this guy. That he is the leader among Alabama Republicans? Beyond ridiculous. Listen to this:

“I’m a 100 percent conservative Republican who believes that Rudy Giuliani can be a great president and is someone we conservatives can trust,” [longtime GOP activist and state Republican Party vice chairman Jerry] Lathan said. “I believe with Rudy at the top of the ticket, we Republicans can defeat any Democrat and that is the first and most important reason to support Rudy.”  

That right there is why I will never, ever, not in a million lifetimes, join a political party. Shorter version: “Principles take a back seat to putting the party in power.” Come on, no conservative of ANY type can vote for this guy. The news highlights the problems for the social conservatives, but Rudy’s just as bad if you’re a financial conservative.  

In my ever so humble opinion, Rudy is the absolute worst of all worlds. Things have never been perfect. Democrats hate property rights, and Republicans hate personal rights. But Rudy? He’s never met a right of any type that he wouldn’t try to steal. So if you want the federal government to take your money and oversee every area of your life, Rudy is your man.

If, on the other hand, you want a real conservative president, you’ve got exactly one choice: Ron Paul.

UPDATE. Here’s Andrew Sullivan’s take on Rudy:

Giuliani says he supported federal intervention in the Schiavo case. Ryan Sager fears it’s pandering. I fear it’s not. The key thing to grasp about Giuliani is that he sees himself as a problem-solver – and politics as a series of problems to be solved. If he has power and he sees a problem that offends him or he decides needs to be fixed, he regards all obstacles – constitutional or political – as affronts. I see no evidence he has anything but the shallowest grasp on the constitutional system, the limits that are placed on any single player’s power and authority, the differing roles of state and federal law, and on and on. He wants to be mayor of America, not president.

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4 Comments on ““I am Rudy Giuliani, do as I command you!””

  1. bamanurse Says:

    I’m surprised he’s in the lead in Alabama. Very surprised to be exact.

    Just his accent alone had to make him stand out like blinking neon sign.

  2. Brian Says:

    Good post.

    Two best sentences:
    Principles take a back seat to putting the party in power.

    If, on the other hand, you want a real conservative president, you’ve got exactly one choice: Ron Paul.

  3. Dan Says:

    I guess I should obsess over national politics more. I didn’t know Rudy agreed about the Schiavo case, etc. Disturbing — he was my favorite among the Republicans who could actually win. I guess I’ll have to start supporting Ron Paul for real now.

  4. Mark Says:

    This is just another demonstration that no one, liberal or conservative, actually wants what they say they want. You are correct – if Republicans wanted a true conservative, they would support Ron Paul. Instead, he’s a joke. The same aspect of American politics ruined Jimmy Carter. Voters said they wanted honest politicians, but they really wanted politicians who told them what they wanted to hear.

    But I have to admit, I do not understand the support for Rudy in Alabama. I think it must be pod people.

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