Spencer Bachus Is A Complete Moron

My congressional representative, speaking yesterday in Shelby County

Bachus also condemned homosexual marriage as the worst threat to the nation. “We could lose Iraq and survive; we lost Vietnam and survived, but if we lose this battle over gay marriage, we are doomed,” he said.

Hey Spency, how about you get your head out of your a** and join the real world? My God, if we’re doomed, it’s because our country is run by people who believe this kind of ridiculously stupid crap. That statement is patently idiotic, and the lunacy is only highlighted when considered in light of what people who have actually studied the issue have to say:

Seventeen years after recognizing same-sex relationships in Scandinavia there are higher marriage rates for heterosexuals, lower divorce rates, lower rates for out-of-wedlock births, lower STD rates, more stable and durable gay relationships, more monogamy among gay couples, and so far no slippery slope to polygamy, incestuous marriages, or “man-on-dog” unions.

Geez. After the last election, there was a lot of questioning about how the Republican party managed to lose their majorities in congress. I can not speak for anyone else, but the big reason I did not vote Republican, and do not see myself voting Republican any time in the near future, is absurd statements like this beauty from Bachus.

Iraq? Whatever. Never should have gone over there, but now that we’ve screwed up the country, maybe we ought to remain long enough to put it back together. But I really don’t have strong ideas one way or the other.

No, it’s what Digby recently called the “Faith Based Straight Jacket” that really bothers me. These are the canonical conservative ideas; ideas that are true no matter what the facts, reason, or the law might say. Here’s how they made me vote in the last election. In this case, Bachus attacks the gays. But whether it’s a belief that gay people are going to destroy American, or that there is no such thing as global warming (not that it is too expensive to fix it, or that we can’t fix it, but that it does not exist), or that there were WMD’s in Iraq, or that activist judges are trying to make America a communist Gomorah, or that intelligent design is science, I could never vote for a person who is willing to assert as an undeniable truth of the highest importance a proposition that has no support in either abstract logic or empirical observations. 

In other words, if you as an individual think gay marriage is going to cause the country to collapse, that’s fine. But don’t try to make your personal belief the basis of public policy unless you can point to some reason OUTSIDE YOUR OWN HEAD that supports your position.

Bachus’ statement is nothing but demagoguery; an appeal made purely to the basest kinds of emotions. And if the Republican party ever wants to succeed again, they’d do well to replace their emotional appeals to ignorance with solid reasoning about legitimate problems.    

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9 Comments on “Spencer Bachus Is A Complete Moron”

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  2. Dan Says:

    I thought craft beer was the greatest threat. Or evolution. Or witches.

  3. Willie Says:

    And he is a Greek too. My favorite Greek quote: “Greece, where men are men, and sheep are afraid”.

  4. ALmod Says:

    Willie, I thought that was Scottland.

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