“I Don’t Know What You Said, But You’re Wrong”

That was state rep DuWayne Bridges perfectly illustrating what I was trying to explain in this post: A belief of such certitude that anything that might contradict the belief is automatically rejected.

Bridges made that statement while refusing to allow a vote on a bill that would raise the alcohol limit on beer from 6% to 14.9%.

Now, there is absolutely no rational basis for the current limit. Not in a state where there are no such limits on any other type of beverage. How, exactly, does a bottle of European brew with a 10% content and a price of 15$ a six pack pose more of a threat than, oh, say, a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20- content 18% and cost under five bucks? Maybe there is an argument for banning both, certainly there is an argument for banning MD 20/20, the only purpose of which is to cause intoxication. But there is no rational basis for allowing the latter and prohibiting the former. So if the Mad Dog is allowed, the fancy beer ought to be allowed, too.

But Bridges just knows it’s bad, so it does not matter what the actual facts are. And he is not the only offender, I also really liked Richard Laird’s statement:

I don’t have to read the legislation to know how I am going to vote.

Amazing, really. Listen to Dan’s video of the debate, or read about it here, or here. Fact is, there is absolutely no correlation between the alcohol content of beers and problems like underage drinking or drunk driving. In any event, all alcohol is equally of limits to kids. But that doesn’t matter to these two. They insist – contrary to the evidence – that children will die as a result of the new limits. They invoke the Bible. They twist and turn and do all they can to find some kind of support for their preconceived and sacred beliefs. This is government by superstition.

The ramblings of these two mush-minded dullards would be funny if they weren’t running the darned state. As it is, thanks to their doltish arrogance, for absolutely no legitimate reason whatsoever people like me are prohibited from enjoying a wide range of good beers. We are denied a real pleasure because of problems that exist no-where outside the cobwebbed contents of some legislators’ heads. 

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6 Comments on ““I Don’t Know What You Said, But You’re Wrong””

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  2. Wheeler,

    You insult all dullards by comparing them to either DuWayne Bridges and Richard Laird.

    DuWyane, in questioning the dislosure legislation, recently said, “I just want to make sure the Bible is not being trampled on by this bill or any other bill.”


    To further get my Scots up, Richard Laird just this morning told me he’s not supporting the current Consitutional reform approach. He told me he’d only accept an article by article approach. He fears the lobbyist and wasn’t interested in talking about the legislation’s safeguards. He incredibly also said he believes the people in Montomery aren’t sharp enough to handle the whole task. I told him that just based on his statments on the beer bill this might be true. After having him talk down the beer bill while talking about foundations of the Bible I wanted to hurl. However, I just was rude and hung up.


    To make this all the worse, both these gents are from East Alabama. Georgia has gourmet beers just across the line!

    Reasoning doesn’t apply for “leaders” like this. And the worst thing might be that up on Goat Hill they are perhaps the rule rather than the exception.

    At least they’ll protect the Bible, at least those parts that don’t tell us we’ll need to look out for the poor people, take care of the earth, etc.

  3. Peter Says:

    Well said!
    I listened to the debate yesterday, and my first experience with the AL House was eye-opening. I could have never imagined our state is run by such a group of poorly reasoning jokers.

  4. Dan Says:

    That’s apparently everyone’s favorite quote from the audio.

  5. Willie Says:

    It is the same mind set that defeated the Hope Scholarship lottery. I call it the Taliban caucus in our legislature.

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