Visit Shelby County: Relax In Traffic, Inhale Fresh Exhaust Fumes, And Gaze At Stuff-Marts!

Whether local political offices make people delusional, or are somehow attractive to delusional people, I don’t know, but the inability of local politicians to accept reality never ceases to amaze me

Alabaster Mayor David Frings on Wednesday challenged Shelby County mayors to work together to promote the county as a tourist destination.

“We don’t have the Gulf Coast beaches, we don’t have the Great Smoky Mountains, but we do have a lot to offer,” Frings said.

Like what? Congested freeways? Gridlocked secondary roads? Sprawl Marts on every corner? A bulldozer for every tree? Local cuisine like TGI O’AppleTuesday’s?  Homogenous, treeless, lifeless, rows of McMansions?

That isn’t to say there is nothing nice about Shelby County. But by and large the county is as aesthetically pleasing as a warm pile of puke and it’s a major pain in the a** to drive in. So even though I live in the next county over, I rarely go down to ShelCo even to visit what is otherwise one of my favorite places in Alabama: Oak Mountain State Park. 

BTW, if you want to see how developers come up with names for subdivisions in Shelby County and similar hell holes locations, go here.

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2 Comments on “Visit Shelby County: Relax In Traffic, Inhale Fresh Exhaust Fumes, And Gaze At Stuff-Marts!”

  1. Susan Says:

    I fear ShelCo may have caught this affliction from Hoover, which also has no business bearing the mantle ‘tourist destination.’

    I don’t get it. They’ve already sold the lot they “have to offer,” a safe, soulless place to raise a family, and they’ve done great at it–clogging their roads and ruining their landscapes without stopping to perform basic urban planning or fund investments in infrastructure. Now they want to draw folks voluntarily into that mess for leisure pursuits? Ha.

  2. ALmod Says:

    I used to work for the company (THE company not A company; there’s only one) that manages these homowners associations. Almost every single one of them is handled by one company which is comprised of about seven employees. Only two of them and the company founder are stable employees. Otherwise, the turnover for most everyone else comes after working for about 6-10 months because, while they like the founder, the other two can’t work with ANYONE. Holy crap! I was nothing more than the receptionist and secretary, and I couldn’t stand them!

    Now, considering all that comes from the company that manages these subdivisions, consider what a love fest it is to actually LIVE in one of these subdivisions. NOTE: If it was build by D.R. Horton, chances are your association will be managed by this company, regardless as to whether or not you’re in Hoover. They even manage a few in Trussville. Friends do not let friends move into planned communities.

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