Those Poor Hard Working Legislators

Contrary to some meanies out there, I sure do understand why our distinguished legislators voted themselves a 62% pay raise. These guys and gals were working hard for little or no pay. I mean, take good ol’ Representative Ken Guin (D-14) as an example. Can you blame him for voting to increase his salary as a legislator when the old salary was such a pittance that it forced him to do side jobs like this:

Alabama House Majority Leader Ken Guin, who receives paychecks from two community colleges totaling $98,398 a year, often submitted the same work reports to both schools and made reference to his state legislative business in some work summaries, records show. . . .

Guin, a state House of Representatives member from Carbon Hill, receives $49,677 a year from Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa and $48,721 from Bevill State Community College in Sumiton.

Officials at Shelton State recently said they are not sure what Guin did for his salary.

“College personnel interviewed by the committee indicate that this person has no office on campus, does not regularly appear at the campus and is of limited service to the college,” according to a report drafted by an investigative team sent to Shelton State by Thomas Corts when he was interim chancellor.

Bevill State President Harold Wade said he is satisfied with the work Guin has done since hiring him in 1999.

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have him,” Wade said. “He saved us a lot of money and has gotten us a lot of money, both as an attorney and as a lobbying effort. He brings many more thousands of dollars than what we pay him.”

What a work ethic this guy has! He’s not just a legislator, but a lobbyist at the same time. Now that’s multi-tasking. Multi-billing, too: He got the two colleges to each pay him for the same piece of work. And who says no man can serve two masters? Ol’ Kenny boy was keeping both colleges satisfied while at the same time convincing voters he actually served them.

Well, thank goodness he got himself that big raise. Now he won’t have to whore his office out exhaust himself like that anymore.

Update: The B’ham News editorializes on “Ken Guin the Bedouin

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19 Comments on “Those Poor Hard Working Legislators”

  1. Kathy Says:


    * shakes head in disgust *

  2. Dan Says:

    Oooooooo…. SNAP!

  3. […] March 26, 2007 Oooooooo…. SNAP! Dan on 2007-03-26 @ 6:16 pm Wheeler lays down the law in a recent post on The Alablawg. I would normally give a teaser, but it’s really worth reading the whole thing. Filed […]

  4. Brian Says:

    It would be funny if it weren’t true.

  5. c.a. Marks Says:

    Daaaaaaaang!!! And holy crap!!! Oh yeah, and LOLOLOLOL. Wait, that’s really not funny now is it? Daaaaaaang!

  6. Willie Says:

    These legislators who hustle jobs from these two year diploma mills are just political whores. I would be for a rule/law that reduces this type of activity. I am not ready to call for eliminating state employees from holding office, but I am slowly getting there.

  7. Don Says:

    And to think that I just recently removed a page excoriating Guin from my website hoping that as Rules Committee Chair and a member of the C&E Committee he would help get HB263 sent to the floor for debate. I think only Speaker Hammett wields more power in the HOR than Guin does.

  8. quaoar Says:

    “Officials at Shelton State recently said they are not sure what Guin did for his salary.”

    They know exactly what his job is.

    His job is to look after the interests of Shelton State in Montgomery. And I would imagine he is doing a very fine job of it, too.

  9. […] I was planning on commenting on the Ken Guin situation, but Wheeler says it so much better than I ever […]

  10. bamalaw Says:

    I agree that the whole thing of hiring legislators for jobs they aren’t doing or that you can’t even explain needs to be done away with, I do take exception with someone calling Shelton State a diploma mill though.

    I know plenty of people who would never get the opportunity for any further education if it weren’t for Shelton. The classes are comparable to the University’s and sometimes even better.

  11. wheeler Says:

    i got my start at a community college. not shelton, but the same idea.

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  13. […] March 27, 2007 So… what about this Ken Guin guy? Dan on 2007-03-27 @ 6:28 pm I linked to The Alablawg’s post before because he had already done a pretty goog job of explaining the situation and giving a […]

  14. Willie Says:

    My nearest community college is Bishop State, and I think diploma mill applies.

    My argument against many of these schools is that they merge vocational schools with 100 and 200 level college/university courses. In my wife’s former country high schools are two tracked, vocational high schools or university prep high schools. Kids who don’t plan on going to university track to the vocational schools, others who do, track to the university prep schools. I might add, this country’s free public education does not stop at the 12th grade, continuing to college and even graduate schools if your grades and testing are good.

  15. Publius Says:

    ken guin, yvonne kennedy and everyone else involved with the 2 year college system should be made huge, long lasting examples of. They make don siegelman look like the pope. no wonder siegelman stole like he did, he got elected to the wrong office. No one can convince me that any branch of government anywhere is not corrupt, and deserving of a massive FinCen/FBI/IRS sting. Alabama is one big Sh*thole.

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  19. Kenneth Guin Says:

    He’s a bitch

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