More Flag Insanity

At least these were out-of-state.


Bob Hurst walked into a Tallahassee art museum this week and saw the symbol of his Southern heritage hanging by a noose.

The art work, which has led to a standoff between descendants of Confederate soldiers and the museum, is a life-size gallows with the Confederate flag dangling from a frayed rope. Created by a black artist from Detroit and titled The Proper Way to Hang a Confederate Flag, the piece has brought an old debate to Florida anew.

Hurst and his compatriots at the Sons of Confederate Veterans want the exhibit taken down, and they’ve invoked a 1961 Florida law to support them.

”I didn’t find it clever. I didn’t find it amusing. I found it offensive. I found it tasteless,” said Hurst, whose great-great-grandfather led a company for the Confederacy and committed suicide after the South’s surrender. . . .

A 1961 Florida law actually says it is illegal to defile or ”cast contempt upon” the Confederate flag.

Right. If desecrating the American Flag is constitutionally protected, than how much more protected do you think desecrating the flag of a non-existent country would be? Good luck with that.

And just to show that the “Oooh, ooh, I’m offended, therefore the government must silence you” attitude is not limited to dumba** rednecks:

In a crucial victory for free expression, San Francisco State University (SFSU) announced yesterday that its College Republicans will face no punishment for hosting an anti-terrorism rally at which participants stepped on makeshift Hezbollah and Hamas flags. SFSU’s decision comes after months of pressure from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), national and local media, and the public—all of which called on the school to uphold the students’ constitutionally guaranteed right to free expression.

“We are relieved that SFSU has come to its senses and recognized that it cannot punish students for constitutionally protected expression,” FIRE President Greg Lukianoff said. “But the fact remains that the university should never have investigated or tried them in the first place. This was a protected act of political protest and it is impossible to believe the university did not know that from the start.”

I’ll quote one of my favorite bloggers on this one:

There is absolutely no reason for them to have ever had charges even considered. The conduct in question was clearly constitutionally protected, and the very existence of school by-laws that could potentially punish such conduct is chilling toward free expression. If it had been an American flag trampled on during an anti-war protest, this would be just as true. I care as little about the offense of Muslim students when others express their views as I do the opinions of the uber-patriots when someone tramples an American flag. You don’t like someone else’s views? Counter them with your own speech.

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3 Comments on “More Flag Insanity”

  1. Dan Says:

    At least Republicans are fighting for the freedom to desecrate a flag…

  2. Baudrillard Says:

    But the Repubs AREN”T fighting for “the freedom to desecrate a flag” — they’re fighting for the freedome to desecreate flags that represent the “axis of evil,” the Muslim enemies, and other such groups that threaten our way of life here in God’s country. As we see in the first post re: the Confed. flag, where a “sacred flag” is trampled, the Repubs get their panties in a wad. They don’t support THE freedom to speak; they merely support THEIR freedom to speak.

  3. sailer Says:

    Surprise Surprise descendents of slaves don’t like symbols of slaveowners. Surprise surprise descendents of slaveowners defend their ancestors. In a typical American twist of fate I have a great great grandparent that actually was in both armies. He joined the confederacy at the start of the war but became disillusioned and deserted and returned to the mountains of North Carolina. He was promptly drafted by the north and was in Boone ,NC on leave when he met some of his confederate buddies who promply shot him. He was severely wounded but didn’t die and was listed by the north as a disserter. After he explained the situation he was given a war pension by the north and lived to have a large family of 11 children. In the mountains of East Tennessee and North Carolina there were slave owners but it wasn’t a very successful economic system without cotton and there were few slave owners. Being part of southern states they seceeded from the union but without much enthusiasm.
    I’ve never read an article about the economics of slavery. But would imagine that it would be marginal in most situations. With the high cost of slaves and the cost of housing ,feeding and preventing them from escaping you would have to have abundant profitable labor needs for it to make economic sense. It would seem that morals followed economics, where it was profitable slavery was morally acceptable and where it wasn’t profitable it was morally unacceptable.
    Free speech is a good thing. People can do anything they want to any flag as far as I am concerned. Hopefully eventually descendents of slaves and descendents of slave owners will talk more about the future and less about the past. Good, bad or ugly the past can’t be changed. But Americans can make the future better for all Americans. Right now I’m more concerned about the flood of immigrants than past slaves or slave owners.

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