More On The US Attorneys

I tried to explain yesterday why this is such a serious accusation, and why the “b-b-b-ut, Clinton did it too” defense is a load of crap. If my argument failed to convince you, maybe this statement from Jeff Sessions will:

“As an appointee of the president, U.S. attorneys by and large are supporters and they share the president’s views or they wouldn’t have gotten the job,” Sessions said. “You can say that’s politics. That is politics. But when they put that hat on and go in to that office and evaluate a criminal case it should be absolutely based on nothing more than what the law and facts calls for. And the evaluation of their performance should be based on nothing more than their competence.”

Even Jeff Sessions– diehard Bush loyalist – understands the distinction between a general removal of all the USAs upon taking office (what Clinton did) and firing a USA mid-term because that USA would not take politics into account in an individual case (the accusation here).

Now Beauregard is, not surprisingly, disinclined to believe that AbuGonz and the President did, in fact, fire these USAs because of their failure to prosecute particular cases so as to benefit Republicans. I think he’s got his head in the sand. After all, if there is an innocent explanation for the firings, why does every new document reveal a new lie? The latest revelation being that – contrary to his prior assertions – AbuGonz discussed the firings while he was still White House Counsel. Of course, now he doesn’t remember the conversations. Again, if there is an innocent explanation, why so much ducking and dodging and hemming and hawing?

Still, I can respect Sessions’ position. The only legitimate defense to this alleged scandal is to deny it happened. That denial is getting less and less plausible. But it is the only honest defense. Saying even if it happened it is no big deal? That argument is so stupid even Jeff Sessions won’t make it.

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3 Comments on “More On The US Attorneys”

  1. […] Wheeler at Alablawg points out that these prosecutors hold tremendous power.  It’s imperative that the American people be able to trust that they will be as independent and impartial as it is humanly possible to be.  If they are turned into partisan political tools of any administration, our justice system loses its integrity. […]

  2. bamanurse Says:

    Well put.

    And TRUE.

  3. sailer Says:

    It seems that the only requirments to be a good republican are ;1 love Jesus 2.hate abortion 3. think that gay marriage is just wrong. The last refuge of scrondrels has always been god and the flag. America deserves better. Unfortunately in a democracy you get what you vote for. One last saying” you judge a tree by the fruit it bears.” Exactly what kind of fruit have we been getting from this administration??? War, borrow and spend economics torture ,lack of due process no privacy. Ken Lay, Tom Delay and now Alberto??? If the American people don’t wake up soon maybe we should opt for a benevolent dictator??? Just because someone says that they love Jesus and hate abortion doesn’t make them a good person..or president. I’d like to see a competant fiscally reponsible president without a lot of idealological baggage next time. I really don’t care if they love Jesus if they can balance the budget. I don’t care if they hate abortion if they would just stop reading my e-mails and respect due process . Someone who finds torture replusive . Honest would be good!!!! Competant would be good. Am I the only perosn who sees a basic conflict in loving Jesus and sending people to other countries to be tortured?? The end does not justify the means some things are just wrong. Yes I want America to be safe ,but human rights are important in every country for everybody. Even accussed terrorists should be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law following due process. It’s the price we pay to be Americans in the best sense of the word.

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