Some Updates

First, to the questions about our local perjury trial.

Anthony Castaldo did not commit perjury:

Alabama attorney general special agent Anthony Castaldo was acquitted Wednesday on a misdemeanor perjury charge in a brief trial that exposed a state probe of a Bessemer judge.

As for the state probe of the judge, mum is still the word, and we still don’t know why Troy King wanted to prosecute Castaldo. But, we do have this from Bessemer DA Arthur Greene:

Bessemer District Attorney Arthur Green said Wednesday his investigation into a Bessemer judge’s handling of money associated with adult gaming machines found nothing amiss.

“The only thing he did wrong was make the ruling he did in making the machines legal,” Green said. “As far as any shenanigans, we didn’t find anything.”

Green said he conducted his own inquiry when he heard that Anthony Castaldo, a former investigator for Attorney General Troy King, was looking into allegations that Circuit Judge Dan King was handing down fines against arcade operators for contempt of court and mishandling some of the fine money.  . . .

Green said Castaldo did not handle the matter properly because his office was not consulted.

“Typically if someone is conducting an investigation in your jurisdiction, you would talk to the district attorney’s office,” Green said. “It was not handled professionally. … It struck us as strange.”

What? Troy King’s office handled something in an unprofesional manner? I’m shocked, just shocked. Anyway, the whole thing strikes me as strange.

Second update, it looks like the red light camera bill is already in trouble:

A bill Tuscaloosa officials are interested in that would allow red-light camera photographs to be used as grounds for traffic citations ran into more delays on Wednesday.

Rep. David Grimes, R-Montgomery, has tried for five years to pass legislation that would authorize cities to use photographs of license plates of vehicles running red lights to back misdemeanor criminal citations.

Grimes’ bill was in the House Public Safety Committee, but he withdrew it from consideration to mull over proposed amendments.

He said he believes the committee will send the bill to the House this time.

“There’s sentiment in the committee to pass it,” Grimes said.

However, at least one committee member, Rep. Randy Wood, D-Anniston, said he doesn’t like the bill.

“We need to carry it over a long time,” he said.

They need to crumple it up and throw it in the trash.

Third, Homewood Gardens is no more. Good thing, too; all those lower middle class renters living right there in downtown Homewood, ewww, how unseemly.

Finally, Brian has pictures of the inside of Enterprise High School.

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3 Comments on “Some Updates”

  1. aginsider Says:

    DA’s always complain when they get poached. Especially a crook like Arthur Green. There’s no requirement to inform him that an investigation’s going on in his house, especially since they caught one of his own lawyers taking bribes. Castaldo testified he refused to do the political favors for King. It’s pretty clear they tried to mess him up over all of it, but as usual with this clown (King), he just digs himself in deeper and deeper.

  2. wheeler Says:

    “There’s no requirement to inform him that an investigation’s going on in his house,”

    of course there’s no reqirement; it’s just common courtesy, unless, as you assert, the da’s office may be part of it. then again, i’ve also heard that there’s no love lost between ag and tk anyway.

  3. publius Says:

    i dont blame the AG, love lost notwithstanding. professional courtesies sound more like some shakespearean tragedy not law enforcement. ‘honored in the breach/observed in the breach’ type rules are best left to the legislature. Bessemer and the Bessemer cutoff have a shady reputation, not unlike phenix city did years ago.

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