Everyone knows the story by now:

Eight Enterprise High School students were killed when a tornado tore into the building, knocking down walls and collapsing a roof onto them as they sought safety in a hallway.

It looks like a good part of the town was destroyed. Video here. Pictures here. More pictures and videos as well as interviews with survivors here.

Alabamian has some poignant comments here, and links to volunteer opportunities here. Brian at Flashpoint is an Enterprise native and still has family in the town, who he reports were unharmed. He has pictures here, and here.

Until now, Enterprise was most famous for its boll weevil monument. The monument certainly looks ridiculous and is often treated as a joke. But what the monument symbolizes is the town’s ability not only to overcome hardship and pain, but to become something better, something stronger. They did that once, they’ll do it again.   

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3 Comments on “Enterprise”

  1. Alabamian Says:

    Thanks for getting the word out about the relief efforts.

  2. Flashpoint Says:

    […] took from this weekend is that strong communities really pull together when the times get tough.  Wheeler mentioned the oft maligned Boll Weevil and the “make lemonade” spirit of the citizens of […]

  3. […] Brian has pictures of the inside of Enterprise High School. Explore posts in the same categories: Alabama Legislature, Legal News, […]

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