Is This A “Blawg” Or A “Blog”

I don’t know, but based on this week’s posts, it’s the latter.

I’m sorry, I really want to put up a few posts, or one really long one, about this week’s Scotus activity. But those require more time and effort than I have thus far been willing to expend. Hence, the stupid stuff. Hopefully later today or tomorrow I can give you something worthwhile.

As for local stuff, I’ll just highlight a few news items.

Already this year, Alabama icons Twinkle Cavenaugh, John Giles, and the Moore-ons have all disappeared from public life. So what will bloggers have left to mock if this bill succeeds:

Advocates of a new state constitution intend to introduce a proposal this year that almost mirrors one defeated at the polls in 2004. But supporters said they have more momentum now and that support from a coalition of nonprofit groups will lead to a different result.

“This is bubbling up from the grass roots,” said Lenora Pate, co-chair of Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform.

Pate and other officials with the advocacy group told supporters Wednesday that bills to be introduced in the Alabama House and Senate would call for a statewide February 2008 vote on whether to hold a constitutional convention. If the bills pass both chambers and supporters win the vote that would follow, delegates would be elected in June 2008 and would meet the following October to draft a new constitution.

Though the state is facing severe weather today (Go to your place of safety!) plenty of hot air is being forecast for Sunday in Selma:

If you are a fan of political infighting, especially at the heavyweight level, Selma, of all places, will be the place to be on Sunday.

That’s where New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama will bring their campaigns to town for the annual civil rights commemoration of the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery march for civil rights.

Finally, if those who can’t do teach, then what do those who can’t teach do? Run the Birmingham City Schools.

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One Comment on “Is This A “Blawg” Or A “Blog””

  1. publius Says:

    it looks like a banner day for all of the non profit 501 C 3’s the sanders family runs. hillary will come to selma with 1m to spread around. shoot, she bought the South carolina black state senator for only 200k. the sanders machine is much shrewder and more expensive. poor obama. if he thinks he can beat hillary he merely confirms what most people think, he is a flavor of the month species with no gravitas, much less, real world experience. Hillary will run through him like croton oil through a widow woman.

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