These are from our camping trip to the Talladega National Forrest. The last one is the new contest. As for the last contest, no-one got it, but it’s the dam on Lake Tranquility at Oak Mt. St. Park.

Happy trails, specifically, heading south on the Cave Creek trail though a tunnel of Mountain Laurel (or Rhododendrons, not sure which):

Pretty views, looking North from the Pinhoti trail towards Cheaha State Park :

This is on McDill Point. I try not to think about how it got there; I just acknowledge it and keep walking:

“Uhh, Dad, you’re not gonna eat that whole sandwich by yourself, are you?”

Our accommodations on Saturday night, the Blue Mountain Shelter, along the Pinhoti, a couple of miles north of the state park:

Towards the end of the trip, my dogs were tired:

Finally, the new contest picture. It’s not in B’ham, or even JeffCo, but the rest of these pics ought to give you an idea where it is. E-mail your guesses to

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8 Comments on “Pictures”

  1. Kathy Says:

    The damn on Lake Tranquility? It must have done something to make you mad. 🙂

    Nice pics!

  2. wheeler Says:

    stupid spell checker.

    actually, the “tranquility” was disturbed by some jackass running a generator at one of the nearby cabins. so maybe my irritation at that dope seeped into the post.

  3. Loretta Nall Says:

    That contest photo looks like the covered bridge at Waldo in Talladega Co. That’s my guess.

  4. Susan Says:

    Was that Talladega National [Civil War Gen. Nathan Bedford] Forrest Forest?

  5. Willie Says:

    Nice photo’s, great dog. Looks like it has some English Springer Spaniel in it.

  6. wheeler Says:

    loretta, you got it.

    susan, again i say, stupid spell checker.

    willie, thanks, though the real question is what that mutt does not have in her.

  7. […] finally, the new contest. Loretta Nall got the last one: the covered bridge in Waldo. True or not, I do not know, but I’ve heard that it is the […]

  8. […] one of those cabins on Cheaha. I’ve backpacked up there many times, but I always thought it would be fun to spend a weekend taking it easy on top of the mountain. It […]

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