News Dump

Lots of interesting stuff in the news today, but nothing  inspired me to write a detailed post. So here’s a summary.

Alabama’s circuit judges – the folks who actually hear cases – support Constitutional reform. Darn liberals.

You recall the story about Troy King asking Roy Johnson – a person Troy King’s office was investigating – about grants for a victim’s advocacy group King supports? Well, the head of the group testified before a grand jury yesterday. Make of that what you will.

You remember that couple from high school or college that was always breaking up and then getting together again? Everyone but them realized they were no good for each other, and they’d fight like crazy, but then come Friday night, there they were. That’s kind of what the whole Jefferson County Commission-BJCC expansion thing reminds me of. It looks like they’re together again. For now.

This story is too depressing to read.

I’m as strict a separationist as you are ever likely to meet, at least in Alabama. But if we’re going to incorporate religious beliefs into our laws, how about the concept of indulgences? At least suspend for Mardi Gras all laws concerning alcohol use, indecent exposure, and disorderly conduct.

We all want to lock ’em up, but no-one wants to pay the bill.

And finally, Jeff Sessions is working to send more money to Alabama’s schools. I often slam ‘ol Beauregard, but I’ll give him credit for this one. Truly, this is self-sacrificing public service at it’s finest, as one more person who can read is one less person who will vote for Jeff Sessions.

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