Lots Of Stupid People In The World

Andrew Sullivan has this poll on his site today:

I’m not going to belabor the obvious; the title to the post says all there is to say about this poll.

What I will say is that if I had to choose one of three candidates for president, and all I knew about them was that one was a Catholic, one was a Mormon, and one was an atheist, I’d pick the atheist. I say that as I sit here with ashes on my head from the Ash Wednesday Mass I attended at lunch.

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10 Comments on “Lots Of Stupid People In The World”

  1. drmike Says:

    I wonder how many folks answering that think that Catholic is the same as Christian. (ie Baptist or Protestant)

  2. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    I vote for the black 72-year-old woman who’s been married three times. She’s got some stories to tell. And learned a lot of lessons.

    BTW, Wheeler, I got my first acceptance letter from St Mary’s in San Antonio. Looks like I will be joining your ranks of Evil Undead beginning this fall.

  3. Brian Says:

    I’m with you 100% Wheeler.

  4. publius Says:

    brilliant con law/mil law prof at st mary’s. name is jeff something.

  5. sailer Says:

    Wow not believing in the supernatural is very unpopular. I would be interested in a poll of the range of supernatural beliefs. I was surprised by a PhD who believes that she has seen ghosts. So we know that virtually 100% of Americans beleive in God. Wonder what percentage believe in things like Satan, witches ,ghosts, vampires demons and ghouls??? Probably people that would be insulted if you called them an atheist would be just as insulted if you asked them if they believe in vampires. If you met a vampire at five points which would be your most effective weapon, a cross. star of David or a cresent? Legally has the “devil made me do it” ever been an effective defence? In the popular media Satan seems to be able to do a lot of things. It would seem logical that if God can do good thing here on earth that Satan can do bad things. The Catholic church even does exorcisms. So if the church says that someone was pocessed by Satan when they committed a crime could that be an effective defense in court?

  6. sailer Says:

    Is this real? http://www.harbornet.com/folks/honan/satan.htlm The court didn’t deny Satan but said that it couldn’t provide relief.

  7. Wheeler Says:

    “Wow not believing in the supernatural is very unpopular.”

    what’s really interesting is that if you click through to the site where the poll is, it has the results for the last fifty years or so and the atheists are the only group to decline in popularity over that time.

  8. Wheeler Says:


    “got my first acceptance letter from St Mary’s in San Antonio. Looks like I will be joining your ranks of Evil Undead beginning this fall.”

    congrats. kiss your soul goodbye.

    haha. just kidding about the soul thing. i think.

  9. sailer Says:

    Apparently it is not legal to kill someone to get Satan evicted from their body. Belief in the supernatural can have awful consequences. It is easy to see how mental illness can be confused with demonic possession. But it is hard to see how 500,000 Italians/year seek help for being possessed. http://www.msnbc.com/id/9711921/site/newsweek

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