At Least It Wasn’t Frozen Chickens

That was last week. This week the interstate was shut down by a more familiar culprit:

All lanes of eastbound Interstate 20 near I-459 reopened at mid-afternoon after a jackknifed truck hauling steel coil was righted and moved.

The truck wrecked around 9:25 a.m. There were no injuries, troopers said.

State transportation officials were assessing damage to the interstate early Monday afternoon.

As all of us locals know, this is perfectly normal:

Rolling plunder. On Monday [that would be last Monday]another truck tumped over, spilling a 43,000-pound roll of steel onto I-20/59. This is hardly news, since people in Birmingham have apparently grown accustomed to giant killer coils of steel bounding down the interstate, poking holes in the pavement with each bounce. It’s a common occurrence. Since 1987, this has happened at least 24 times [now 25]. The rolls of steel, which weigh as much as the trucks that carry them, have never killed anyone, but it’s only a matter of time before some trial lawyer’s wet dream comes true. Alabama politicians promise to fix the problem, then never do. Selah.

I wonder who has to pay for 1) the damage to the highway; 2) the salaries of the officers who spent half a day cleaning up the mess; 3) tow-trucks and the like; 4) the value of the time lost by all those people (especially other truckers) who sat in traffic while the interstate was closed? Answering the question might help solve the problem.

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