Happy Anniversary

I was sort of tempted to type “blawgiversery” but, in addition to being corny, that would be confusing. The first part of “anniversary” is the latin word for year (annus), while the second is the past participle of vertere (to turn). So if I had replaced “anni-“with “blawg-” the result would have been something like “the blawg has turned.” But it does that every day. Every post, really. It’s only tomorrow that the year turns, though. So instead I used anniversary because that is what tomorrow is; the first year of the Alablawg being completed, a second will come around for it to begin.

I also considered making this a festive event, with a week of my favorite posts leading up to it. But I didn’t feel like it.

What I will do is offer my thoughts on the first year.

First, of course, I am amazed that anyone reads this thing, and even more shocked that some readers then take the extra step of commenting. Outstanding.

Second, I’ve always wanted to write a book. Like dunking a basketball, though, it’s a dream I have accepted as of the pipe variety. Blogging lets me indulge my writing fantasy. Sort of like lowering a basketball goal to nine feet lets me pretend to be Dominatin’ Dominique. It’s fun, even if it’s not the real thing.

Three, this thing is definitely not what I envisioned it would be when I started it. I initially planned an dispassionate review of Alabama law, something along the lines of How Appealing, or Sentencing Law & Policy. You know how well that worked out. I had the same issue all through college and law school. Every semester, I would vow to keep my mouth shut in class. No comments, no questions, just dedicated note-taking. Never worked. I was never the person who chimes in with their opinion after every word of the Prof, but at some point passion would overwhelm my resolve and I would end up spouting off about whatever the topic happened to be.

I think I’ve done a better job of sticking to Alabama, though. That brings me to point four: I really like local blogging. I’m proud to be part of the Alabama blog-o-sphere. There’s some real first class operations out there; good sites, well informed bloggers, and great discussions. Just check out my blogroll for some of them. I’m sure there’s more, too. I’d really like to find a way to get all of us Alabama bloggers more connected. I know I always feel like I’m missing something. Maybe someone should start an Alabama blogger awards contest or something. We could have best overall, best political, best personal, best conservative, best Alabamian blogging national issues, best sports, best whatever. Some of you more tech-smart bloggers ought to get on this.

Finally, any suggestions for the next year?

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11 Comments on “Happy Anniversary”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Bon Anniversaire!

  2. Don Says:

    Kudos, Wheeler, on a job well done and on your anniversary. I read your blog every day and have made a few comments. Much of what you write about is way above my pay grade but they say even a blind hog can find an occasional acorn. I’m not a blogger. Instead, I’ve had a website (www.doctoriq.com) on the internet for a couple of years hoping to help Alabama become the 25th Initiative and Referendum state and I just wish it had the readership and participation by readers that your blog has. Keep up your good work.

  3. Loretta Nall Says:

    Happy Anniversary Wheeler. Alablawg is a daily read for me and I wouldn;t want you to change a thing.

    Loretta Nall

  4. curtis Says:

    A blogger awards program, eh? I’ll throw it out at a strategy meeting this Tuesday with my board of directors at TechBirmingham. Hmm.

  5. Greenshirt Says:

    Books are possible; they get written by people everyday.

  6. […] 17, 2007 Alabama blawg awards Dan on 2007-02-17 @ 9:29 pm The Alablawg (happy anniversary) has a great idea for an Alabama Blog Awards. I’ve thought about doing that before. I think the best idea would […]

  7. 2 Years and Counting

    So it was Two Years ago (yesterday) that I joined the blogging phenomenon. Hard to believe that it was that long ago but after being influenced to do so by my friend Steven Taylor I am so happy I did (Poliblogger just turned 4 by the way)
    This past yea…

  8. Himself Says:

    Go back and re-read your post on the marathon. Isn’t there a great deal of similarity in both writing a book and running a marathon?

  9. Dre Says:

    I’m interested in the connecting of the area blogs myself. That’s something to definitely look into doing. It sounds like a great idea. It may be a way to bring us closer as an online community. We’ll have to see just how to shake that out.

  10. […] is suggesting a series of awards for Alabama lawyer blogs. Looks like it extends beyond with these suggested […]

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