Lee P. v. Wheeler

Be sure to read Lee’s responses to the broadside I fired at him on Tuesday. He’s got four posts up so far – here, here, here, and here – and hasn’t even gotten to my main complaint yet.

So far, his response can be summed up as 1) “Wheeler’s technique is juvenile and insulting;” and, 2) “How dare Wheeler criticize what I actually wrote instead of what I meant.” 

Though I am guilty as charged of those offenses, I may still offer a defense of my post whenever Lee gets his response done.  

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4 Comments on “Lee P. v. Wheeler”

  1. Kathy Says:

    OMG, Wheeler! Did you really regurgitate on him? Shame on you, you meanie! 😉

  2. Dan Says:

    So are you two going to kiss and make up later?

  3. Kathy Says:

    “So are you two going to kiss and make up later?”

    And if so, can that agent from the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge watch?

  4. wheeler Says:

    no way man. i’m “totally heterosexual.” and not like ted haggard, either.

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