D: The Person Who Put This Sticker On Their Car

Having heard rumors of these things for weeks, I just saw for the first time the newest version of what has got to be the all time most annoying bumper sticker: “S. The Coach.”

Good heavens, folks, enough is enough already! I’ll grant that the original “W. The President” was a cool idea. But it jumped the shark years ago. Around here we’ve already had “C. The River.”  While in Louisiana over the holidays, I swear to you I saw “K. The Governor.” Now it’s “S. The Coach.”

The only one of these I ever considered for my car was “F. The President.” I liked that one not so much because I disliked the president, but because I thought it was the perfect rejoinder to the ridiculous pretentiousness of the original. W, the Wife, though – who is usually very tolerant of my potty mouth and general lack of decorum – planted her foot firmly on the ground over that one. But even if she had caved, I think by now I would have taken it off the car. No matter what the initial, every one of those stickers says one thing: The owner of this car is a Dork.

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9 Comments on “D: The Person Who Put This Sticker On Their Car”

  1. Dystopos Says:

    I wish I had followed through on my idea of printing little black stickers just large enough to cover over “THE PRESIDENT” with “THE IMBECILE”. Would be interesting to see how long it would take for people to realize that their advertisements had been subverted.

  2. Mary Ann Says:

    A sensitive new age guy like you might want to consider the advisability of referring to your wife as “the wife.” Just a suggestion, from one who loves you both…

  3. wheeler Says:

    it wa sort of a poetic license.

    as one who is sensitive to both 1) said wife’s feelings, and 2) said wife’s fists, i am much more respectful in person.

  4. Jen Says:

    “as one who is sensitive to both 1) said wife’s feelings, and 2) said wife’s fists, i am much more respectful in person.”

    Yes, but all who know you and me (“the wife”, herself) know to which of those you are most sensitive.

  5. publius Says:

    who cares? I think we should have bumper stickers for politicians P-The Pimp
    or G-Grifter on Board, or F-Future Felon… and so it goes

  6. quaoar Says:

    I have also seen:
    A. The Tradition (with the A written as an Alabama Crimson Tide A).
    and C. The Creator.

    And I have a sticker that says F. The President, although I haven’t put it on my car because I’m sure someone would key it.

  7. Kathy Says:

    I’ve seen W: The Moron. It’s a bit more subtle than F: The President but still quite appropriate. I hope I don’t run across one of the S:The Coach stickers; driving and barfing at the same time can be dangerous.

  8. F Says:

    Glad to see (dis)interest in our stickers over in Alabam.

    A guy up in Huntsville had the same concern about those who display our sticker. For those who don’t want to sport an F on their car, check out the other bumper sticker choices we have in our store including our W – Whatever!.

  9. […] the iniquity of fathers on the children” I have made fun of people with “S. The Coach” stickers on their cars, but at least those folks just make themselves look like dorks: So, how dedicated are you to […]

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