Better Late Than Never, I Guess

Woulda been nice to hear him say this before he lost the last election, but hey:

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Drayton Nabers, who fought to keep his seat in what is considered one of the most expensive judicial campaigns in the country, said Tuesday that he does not favor electing judges.

“There is no perfect system for the selection of judges,” Nabers told the Tuscaloosa Rotary Club at a lunch meeting. “The rule of law is critical, and elections don’t help the public respect of the judges who keep the rule of law.”

I, as regular readers know, agree, even if it does sound like sour grapes from Nabers at this point.

Also, on public service in general, Nabers went on to say:

The lunch speech was his first public statement since leaving office earlier this month. He said retirement takes getting used to.

Nabers, 66, wouldn’t rule out the possibility of working again.

“Hopefully, opportunities to serve will come my way again,” he said after the meeting.

Anyone else out there think “Nabers For Attorney General” is a great idea?

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7 Comments on “Better Late Than Never, I Guess”

  1. Old Prosecutor Says:

    ABK (Anyone But King) as AG sounds good to me

  2. Baudrillard Says:

    Don’t worry OP. King won’t be running for AG again. He has his eye on the Governor’s Mansion., which is a more frightening scenario than what we face now with him at AG.

  3. Susan Says:

    When he was state finance director, I always thought he was one of the more thoughtful members of Riley’s administration. And who knows; it’d be nice having an AG not blinded by bloodlust and deep emotional insecurity.

  4. publius Says:

    you know, you may have hit on something. nabors is an adult and clerked for the supreme court. his ethics are beyond question and his legal mind is leap years beyond King’s. General Nabors…. I kinda like the ring of that, and,Riley can atone for this gross error on his part by removing the boy and replacing him with an adult

  5. walt moffett Says:

    In a heart beat. He is everything I’d want in an AG, smart, wise, no ambitions for higher office and ethically sound.

    If nothing else, Riley needs to make him his éminence grise.

  6. Realrepublican Says:

    Drayton is one of those pretentious “aristocrats” who thinks he deserves office without the necessity of having to shake a hand of a voter. We have a lot of great judges who never were who feel that way. I am glad that those people are not in office. We don’t need an American House of Lords with the likes of Nabors and Houston or the other elititists lining up for appointments should the right to elect our judges be thrown away. Thanks, but perhaps the voting booth is still the best, though sometimes wrong, judge of people in our country.

  7. Dan Says:

    I would send Riley a nice letter if he somehow appointed Nabers in King’s place.

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