Troy King Does It Again

Displays his amazing ignorance for all to see, that is:

Alabama Attorney General Troy King asked Roy Johnson last year to provide money to a victims’ advocacy group while his office was investigating the state’s two-year college system, headed by Johnson as chancellor.

Miriam Shehane, executive director of Victims of Crime and Leniency, said King accompanied her to a meeting with Johnson to ask the two-year college system to provide grant money for VOCAL.

The meeting, in March 2006, came months after the attorney general’s office and federal prosecutors began investigating the two-year college system. A spokesman for King said the request was not improper because King was not asking for anything for himself.

Really? He’s comletely disinterested in VOCAL? He could not care less whether or not the group received the grant?

Than why did he bother with the request in the first place? Perhaps this statement by King’s spokesman Chris Bence might explain it:

Bence said King was happy to help Shehane because VOCAL had lost some critical funding and it was going to be a crippling [loss].

“Victims are one of his priorities, if not his top priority,” Bence said.

This is not hard: The AG cannot ask for favors from people whom his office is investigating. It reeks of bribery, extortion and just plain ‘ol corruption. Why Troy King can’t understand that is beyond me.

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8 Comments on “Troy King Does It Again”

  1. Willie Says:

    My GOP sources in Montgomery tell me he being urged to go into rehab!

  2. Himself Says:

    I’m having difficulty getting past the concept of someone being victimized by leniency. Just exactly how would that work?

  3. wheeler Says:

    best not to ask, else you be labeled a soft-on-crime-america-hating-criminal coddling-liberal-communislamohomfacist.

  4. Old Prosecutor Says:

    This raises the question – is King simply corrupt or stupid? Comments

  5. wheeler Says:

    “is King simply corrupt or stupid”

    i’ve resisted the former so far. but he’s pushing it.

  6. publius Says:

    old prosecutor, i thought for a moment you were describing siegelman… hmmm??

  7. Old Prosecutor Says:

    Publius – I agree the comment seems to apply to both equally. Sadly neither seems to recognize there is any problem with it

  8. […] in time to distract us from his latest problems, Troy King once again has an opportunity to preen about how much he hates criminals: Killers on […]

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