Random Updates

First, I’ve written a lot about the death penalty lately. (E.g., here, and here). I’m pretty wishy washy on capital punishment, but if anyone out there deserves it, it’s folks like this:

Each day, administrative law judge Elving L. Torres decides whether people are disabled enough to receive Social Security benefits.

Sometimes he puts himself in the shoes of people who appear before him: He parks his luxury import car in the handicapped spaces outside the building where he works.

A handicapped parking placard appears on the dashboard of his silver Mercedes-Benz AMG coupe. But it was issued to an 86-year-old woman from Bradenton, according to state motor vehicle records.

At least once this week, by parking in a handicapped spot, Torres, 62, may have denied a woman who uses a wheelchair and works in the same building the ability to park there. She had to park at the far end of the lot and propel herself up an incline to get to her office because there were no empty handicapped spaces.

“Shame on him,” said the woman, Raquel Fruchter, 55, who works as a program coordinator for the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and has polio.

Second, the B’ham News today collects random opinions about the elevated 280. Unfortunately, none of them address my questions about the bottleneck at the Red Mountain Expressway.

And finally, Dispatches from the Culture Wars recently directed me to a site I’m sure Roy Moore will want to investigate. You will remember Roy’s New Year’s Resolution:

Each year the American Civil Liberties Union and other liberal organizations continue their efforts to destroy traditional values that we once assumed were self-evident and beyond question. And each year we sit quietly by doing nothing to stop their relentless assault on our culture and our religious heritage. As our resolution for the New Year, let us join together to defeat the ACLU’s anti-Christian agenda and restore our civil and religious freedom.

If you wanna help ‘Ol Roy out, then head on over to The ACLU Fights For Christians:

The ACLU fights just as hard for INDIVIDUAL free exercise of religion as the ACLU fights against GOVERNMENT endorsement, sponsorship, or establishment of religion. Despite this fact, many people spread misinformation about the ACLU around the internet, innocently and maliciously, falsely claiming the ACLU is anti-religion or anti-Christian.

This list of FACTS counteracts that misinformation. These links represent just a few of the many examples of the ACLU defending the free speech and free exercise rights of Christians (for purposes of this list, the word “Christian” means a person who self-identifies as “Christian”).

In every example, the ACLU is defending the right of a Christian to speak as a Christian or to practice Christianity.

Here is the current version of this EVER GROWING list:

That Roy Moore the individual has the right to put a ten commandemnts monument in his front yard, but Roy Moore the judge does not have the right to put a ten commandments monument in his courthouse, is a distinction the ACLU and every reasonable person understands. That Roy continually blurs that distinction means he’s either an idiot or incredibly dishonest.

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One Comment on “Random Updates”

  1. walt moffett Says:

    Bastinado would be a more fitting punishment for Mr Torres.

    Capital punishment should reserved for more serious crimes like passing off Michelob as beer.

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