Troy King Thinks Roy Moore Is Political Poison

Jeff has already highlighted this story, but I wanted to add some thoughts.

Basically, Troy King’s office is prosecuting a political consultant named Rick Spina because, prior to the last election, Spina allegedly took out an ad in the B’Ham news that included false and damaging information about Jim Carns, a candidate for the JeffCo commission.

Spina is accused of violating Code Section 17-5-6:

It shall be unlawful for any person fraudulently to misrepresent himself or herself, or any other person or organization with which he or she is affiliated, as speaking or writing or otherwise acting for or on behalf of any candidate, principal campaign committee, political action committee, or political party, or agent or employee thereof, in a manner which is damaging or is intended to be damaging to such other candidate, principal campaign committee, political action committee, or political party.

Right. In other words, what the statute is trying to prohibit is person A taking out an ad without authorization from candidate B, but that says something like: “I’m candidate B, and I hump donkeys.”

The paper sums up the charges against Spina as follows:

[Spina allegedly] Intentionally misrepresented that he or an organization with which he was affiliated spoke on behalf of Carns, and did so in a manner that was damaging to the candidate.

Now here is where this story gets really, really funny (unless you are Rick Spina, anyway). What dastardly, disgusting, humiliating, act did the ad accuse Carns of committing? What horrific, unimaginable, donkey-humping individual did the ad associate with Carns?

According to a statement issued by King, investigators found Spina was behind a fraudulent ad linking Jefferson County Commissioner Jim Carns to Roy Moore and several Supreme Court candidates. The ad was published May 31 in The Birmingham News while Carns was a member of the Alabama House but was running for election to the county commission.

Carns defeated his opponent in the November general election. Before election results were tallied, though, Carns said the ad had hurt his campaign. . . .

The May 31 ad copy read, “Vote for our slate,” and included pictures of the former Chief Justice Moore, and several candidates for chief justice, associate justice and lieutenant governor.

Do you get it? Not only is Troy King essentially saying that linking a candidate to Roy Moore is just as bad as saying a candidate humps donkeys, but Troy King is saying it! Roy Moore is anathema even in the eyes of our Attorney General. Wow.

Man I hope this goes to trial. They have to introduce evidence that linking Moore to Carns was damaging. Someone’s got to take the stand and explain that Moore is a joke. The closing argument will have to emphasize that Moore is such a well-recognized idiot that the mere association of his name with a candidate would cause that candidate to lose. This is just too awesome. I promise you I will think of some reason to be at the courthouse that day.

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9 Comments on “Troy King Thinks Roy Moore Is Political Poison”

  1. Kathy Says:

    OMG! I know Rick Spina, and I had no idea this was happening (guess I’ve been kinda busy lately). And this may get me sued too, but Carns was a big ol’ whore for the Christian Coalition when he was in the state House, and I doubt his views have changed now that he’s moved to the county commission. He probably was humping Roy Moore (figuratively, of course) until Roy became political poison. This is a joke — although, as you say, I doubt Rick thinks so.

  2. wheeler Says:

    man, oh man, as cool as it would be to be the da who gets to slam moore, i would love to be the defense attorney. use jury selection to make sure you have a collection of bible thumpin’, aclu hatin’, guhvment loathin’ ignoramuses and then just play it up like the state is out to persecute roy moore again:

    “insinuating that it’s a bad thing to say roy moore endorses a candidate. imagine that! are you gonna let that happen? are you gonna buy this devil talk? we christians are under attack all over this county, and now they’re trying to do it in alabama too. are you gonna let that happen, good people? or are you going to defend the honor of this true christian warrior?”

  3. A.F. Says:

    Alright, this has nothing to do with Troy King, but did anyone happen to hear John Rogers on the Matt Murphy radio show this afternoon during the drive time? Rogers was trying to explain why the House Black Caucus won’t allow new Rep. Patricia Todd to join the group, even though she represents a majority black district. When confronted by Murphy that his group was not about black interests or ideas but only about race, Rogers said, “Integration may have been the biggest mistake ever made.” He then went on to say that he never was so down on seperate but equal, just that he wished it could have been equal. I have never heard a bigger storm than what was said by those calling in to the show, most of whom were black women complaining about old civil-rights-era black leaders who no longer get it. This comes exactly one day after the UAB President had to disavow the ideas Rogers espoused as to how to fix UAB, on a different radio show 2 days ago. Unbelievable. And you have got to get your hands on a transcript; it will blow your mind.

  4. Kathy Says:

    Wheeler, I can just picture you in your seersucker suit, working yourself into a righteous sweat as you preach to the choir. Maybe they’ll make a movie…

    I don’t mean to excuse sleazy campaigning, but if Troy is going to prosecute everyone in the state who does it, he might have to *gasp* start with himself. A question — why is Carns the one who’s pushing this? He won his race. Seems to me the ones who were really hurt by their association with Roy Moore were the judicial candidates. Why aren’t they screaming? Is it because truth is the ultimate defense in a libel case?

  5. Don Says:

    Wheeler: “Someone’s got to take the stand and explain that Moore is a joke. The closing argument will have to emphasize that Moore is such a well-recognized idiot that the mere association of his name with a candidate would cause that candidate to lose.”

    Some things are self-evident.

  6. […] thought that associating with Roy Moore was harmful.  Wheeler’s already kicked that off here.  Actually, listening to Jim Carns, my former state rep and major suckup to the […]

  7. wheeler Says:

    “Some things are self-evident.”

    ha. good point. i wonder if the court could just take judicial notice?

  8. publius Says:

    alablawg, your post is inaccurate. it says “…King thinks…”. do we have any empirical proof King has ever held a thought?

  9. […] I explained in this post, the reason I was so giddily looking forward to a trial was that the alleged “damaging […]

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