“Bama Women Go Down”

I swear on a stack of Bibles, those were the exact words used by our local Fox station just now to describe the results of today’s Alabama women’s basketball game.

In other sports news, how about Peyton Manning? After the first half, I figured he would soon be doing commercials for isotoner gloves. But now that he’s exercised his demons, maybe he won’t be the next Dan Marino. I’m glad. I’m not really a Colts fan, and he is a Tennessee alum, but I would have hated to see him lose again.

As for the next game, I can’t see the Bears staying within two touchdowns of the Colts unless Manning stinks up the joint. And since he’s gotten the Brady/Patriots monkey off his back, I think he’ll come out blazing in the Super Bowl. It’ll be Colts, something like 38-24.

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7 Comments on ““Bama Women Go Down””

  1. Himself Says:

    Did he have those demons doing wind sprints or crunches?

  2. wheeler Says:

    ha ha. you know, after i posted this, i wondered if i’d done that. didn’t bother to actually check it, though. now that i have seen it, i’ll leave it, that way every one can chuckle.

  3. It all depends on Rex Grossman. If he is mediocre the Bears will win. If he is garbage they will lose.

  4. wheeler Says:

    “It all depends on Rex Grossman.”

    cbs ought to hook lovie smith to an ekg during the game, and then every time grossman drops back to pass, broadcast the results in a little box on-screen.

  5. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    I’m sorry, what were you saying? The NHL All-Star Game is happening here in my hometown so I can’t hear you above the din. Am I really the only hockey fan here? Superbowl-Shmooperbowl.

  6. wheeler Says:

    “Am I really the only hockey fan here?”

    here, there, or anywhere.

  7. Dystopos Says:

    I’m glad to know that the NHL is back on the ice. How long has it been?

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