Who’s Next?

First it was Nancy Worley, now this:

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman is writing a book that he says will tell the whole story of his political career — both the good and bad of 20 years in office and the corruption probe that ended with his convictionm on bribery and obstruction of justice charges.

Siegelman, who said he expects to be sentenced to a prison term by a federal judge in the next couple of months, has e-mailed friends and former associates asking them to send him stories about how his actions “in public service personally affected your life.”

“This is going to be more than just an account of my political life. I want it to be something people will actually read,” Siegelman said in an interview Friday.

What do you think he’ll call it? “I did not sell my office for personal gain, but if I did, here’s how I did it.”

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11 Comments on “Who’s Next?”

  1. Willie Says:

    I’ve known Siegelman since the first grade, he’s not a bad person, just was in Montgomery too long.

  2. wheeler Says:

    “just was in Montgomery too long.”

    i bet you could say that about a lot of folks.

  3. Willie Says:

    Knowing when to quit is an art form!

  4. Kathy Says:

    Is it legal in Alabama for felons to profit from their crimes by, for example, writing books about them?

  5. wheeler Says:


    i’m speaking off the top of my head here, so take this for what it’s worth . . .

    i think most of those laws divert any profits from a book written by a violent offender into the bank account of the victim, or else the state. not sure if any apply to white collar crimes, or if alabama has one.

    that said, given 1) his still mounting attorney’s fees; 2) the liklihood of a large fine at sentencing; and 3) his own statements about his dwindliing assets, i think there will be plenty of people in line ahead of him when it’s time to reap the profits from his book.

  6. heywood Says:

    I hope he tells the truth about his true relationship with nick. I hope he tells the truth about the fight at the mansion and the wife throwing the cell phone in the pool when she found out it was nick

  7. I am always excited when Alabama politicians write books. Just gives me something more localized to read.

  8. cloyd deason Says:

    why would anyone want to read anything don siegelman writes? he cant speak the truth so you think he will write the truth? he is a just a failure. a low down lying felon mafia goon. period, nothing else needs to be said about him. after all, if he really writes the ‘truth’ the unindicted coconspirators will probably off him.

  9. Dystopos Says:

    The idea of soliciting personal stories of how his actions personally affected lives does not bode well for the prospect of learning anything substantial about history from this project.

  10. wheeler Says:

    that doesn’t sound like the most rigorous methodology, does it?

  11. O.J Simpson Says:

    yo, my man don is down with the swirl! we love what we cant have! he is just a guilty as I am, but you think im gone sit by and let him profit off a book? thats just more black oppression.

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